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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 122" by Kris Gilpin on 9/15/2012
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1- Picks up a pickup, maybe.; 5- Skylit central courts in contemporary buildings or houses.; 10- Ryan Phillippe comes home, only to have the Army send him back to Iraq in 08's Stop-____.; 14- Great Best of Pink (P.) Floyd CD: ____es (think: replayed sounds).; 15- Black (1989) & Purple (1984)....; 16- Eastwood's Man with No Name was a textbook ____-hero.; 17- '98 fun Jordy Brewster horror which used a cover of P. Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall."; 19- There are lots more than one in your average slasher flick.; 20- 1998 Jennifer Tilly comedy about (guess): _____...It's Just Sex.; 21- Some sets for kids.; 23- Every theater patron should have at least one.; 26- In 1950 Kirk Alyn was Superman, vs. Lyle Talbot as ____ Man.; 27- Like our beloved Curly ("Woo woo woo!!") Howard.; 29- Emma Roberts, to Julia.; 33- Like Steve Buscemi, in Airheads.; 37- The great, smart Brit Stephen (Mycroft in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows).; 38- Pretty Juno, from Killer Joe & The Dark Knight Rises.; 39- Hamlet: "Or to take arms against ____ of troubles..."; 40- 76's Bruce Li flick, Exit the Dragon, Enter the _____, used P. Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond."; 42- 03's The Italian Job (which used a cover of P. Floyd's "Money") was edited w/ much (this).; 43- Like Sly in Copland.; 45- Movies own the arts?; 46- Evergreens.; 47- The Day the _____ Stood Still?; 48- Jack was one, in As Good as it Gets.; 50- The Wild Bunch: "Ain't like it used to be, but ____ do."; 52- The close overlapping of 2 parts or voices, as on a film's musical soundtrack.; 57- When it comes to your own "Mr. Bigglesworth," don't step on it.; 61- Georges Melies's great short film, _____ to the Moon (1902), was featured in Hugo.; 62- Out of control.; 63- 05's indie about divorce, The _____ and the _____, had P. Floyd's "Hey You" in it.; 66- Pseudonym of H. H. Munro.; 67- Little Richard's "_____ Frutti" was heard in the cute I.Q.; 68- Bizarre, 1970 Werner Herzog comedy: ____ Dwarfs Started Small.; 69- What you used to be.; 70- N.Y.C., in a contemporary Scorsese film.; 71- Warren Beatty won a Best Director Oscar for this 1981 historical biodrama.;
1- Aquarium fish.; 2- Yellowish.; 3- Overcome utterly.; 4- Kelsey Grammer's & Debby Boone's autobios are both named this.; 5- 1999's The Messenger was the story of Joan of ___.; 6- Sigma follower.; 7- Controversial films usually ____ some folks up.; 8- Families often have to carry their movie concessions __ a ____.; 9- Uwe (Blubberella) Boll has _____ (2011) to direct a good film.; 10- Tim Hutton's '07 family film, The ____ _____, used R. (P. Floyd) Waters's "Hello (I Love You)."; 11- Not fooled by.; 12- Ashton Kutcher is one (yawn).; 13- Eric & Julia Roberts, for exam.; 18- Eddie Murphy, as a Beverly Hills cop.; 22- I get a mint chocolate chip (one) at my theater (yum!).; 24- John Goodman seems like he'd be a big one (literally & figuratively).; 25- Famous Amos (heard in TV & movies).; 28- Before the Beatles' "Two of Us," John says, "'I Dig a _____' by Charles Hawtrey..."; 30- A sword, in a French film.; 31- 1971 Brit period horror w/ Patrick Wymark, The Blood on Satan's ____.; 32- Group whose great "Novocaine For the Soul" was heard in Dream for an Insomniac.; 33- Like Gibson, in the first Lethal Weapon.; 34- The Who & Jimi Hendrix both shot concert films at the ____ of Wight.; 35- Moscow Does Not Believe in ____s won the '81 Best Foreign Language Oscie.; 36- Best part of 70's _________ Point: a house blows up in slo mo to spacey P. Floyd music.; 38- A toothy smile is usually Julia Roberts's thespian _____.; 41- Seemingly forever.; 44- My flash. needs a new ____. before the next electrical storm.; 48- The Rob Schneider Is a Comedy God Club would be one, if it existed.; 49- Sticking point.; 51- The ____ Emperor (1987) & The ____ Samurai (2003).; 53- It'll knock you out (& is in many kidnap scenes).; 54- A crossbeam, sometimes used by the film construction dept.; 55- Like some floors.; 56- Rome, ____ City (1945) & Supertramp's great song, "Ever ____ Door."; 57- A group of humans in a motion picture shot on Earth.; 58- A nurse, in an Asian movie.; 59- Brewer And Shipley: "Sittin' downtown in a railway station, one ____ over the line."; 60- Vermeer's "Woman With a ___."; 64- Now you have a contraction (feel better).; 65- House decorating expression (first heard in Brit films).;