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Print Puzzle - "Movie Krisword 121" by Kris Gilpin on 9/5/2012
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1- Like a chubby chap, in a Brit film.; 6- Frenchman Gance, director of 1927's epic, Napoleon.; 10- Don Rickles will do it to his audience.; 14- Shelley Long choked to death in the 1987 comedy, ____ Again.; 15- 1978 TVM w/ Jim Backus, from O. Henry's story, The Gift of the ____.; 16- Windows alternative.; 17- Prenatal test, for short.; 18- Prolific character actor (Man Called Horse), AKA "The Crying Indian," ____ Eyes Cody.; 19- Crappy friend: "You ____ me money for a movie, but no popcorn?!"; 20- George's (from All About Eve) suicide note read: "Dear world, I am leaving because I am bored."; 22- Poltergeist: "No, you said, 'Don't ______ the light!'"; 24- "Life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?" (Procol Harum's "In Held ____ In I."); 25- Of or relating to the roof of the mouth.; 26- Megan Fox wore one in (what's that smell?) Jonah Hill.; 29- The inner cavity of a tubular organ, like a blood vessel.; 30- "Well, lookee here!"; 31- Orders in a cop flick (not jelly donuts).; 33- Some nerve, dude.; 37- Money in an Iranian movie.; 39- Sissy Spacek told her mom she's going to kill herself in 1986's '_____, Mother.; 41- A word you might utter after watching A Thousand Words.; 42- One of the Bocas Islands, which lie between Trinidad & Venezuela.; 44- Friends or mates (slang).; 46- Was a 4 o'clock showing of The A-Team in England called The A-___? (Major Brit groaner!); 47- Windmill parts.; 49- Like young Jim Carrey.; 51- The story (true?) was that Jerry L. was always _______ than Dean M. on stage.; 54- Lindsay L. used to be one (now, who knows what she's become?!).; 55- Wood sorrel.; 56- The creep in Brit's 1960 _______ Tom kills himself with a knife taped to a camera tripod.; 59- Often a scene setting in a N.Y. movie.; 60- Container weight.; 62- Good films start with good ones.; 64- Cry in a courtroom scene.; 65- Squeezed.; 66- Wader in a Florida Everglades movie.; 67- Large butte.; 68- Michael Pitt was a suicidal rock musician in 2005's Last ____.; 69- How a bonfire could blaze.;
1- Chinese brew.; 2- Something the costuming dept. does.; 3- Humerus neighbor.; 4- Our Man (1966) & In Like (1967)...; 5- Wilbur the pig was scared of becoming ____ in 2006's Charlotte's ___.; 6- Rulers in a contemporary Indian or Afghani film.; 7- Sets from The Lost Weekend & The Verdict.; 8- Lindsay L. has a huge one & she needs to learn a lesson already!; 9- The masculine gender (Sanskrit grammar).; 10- Weird '97 film: Christian Slater tells a small town he's gonna kill himself & they hold him to it.; 11- With regard to.; 12- Ship from 1492: Conquest of Paradise.; 13- As a teen I'd _____ the virtues of both Persona & The Wizard of Gore (ha).; 21- Stationery brand, often used for scripts.; 23- Corn product.; 25- Like Vince Vaughn, in the hilarious Made.; 26- A Bucket of Blood's director's nickname?; 27- Neil Young: "This summer I hear the drumming, four dead in ____."; 28- Great '94 John Sayles fantasy about a kid sent to Ireland, The Secret of ____ Inish.; 29- Studio symbols.; 32- A book of public records, as deeds or birth certificates.; 34- Ballet movie sight.; 35- These Italian treats would be nice in a sticky Florida theater.; 36- Complain if the idiots around you are having one!; 38- Philip Seymour Hoffman is great as usual, while mourning his wife's suicide, in this '02 drama.; 40- Yummy, rich dessert, in some German films.; 43- "I'll have you know, this is not a Snuggie!" "Oh, sorry!"; 45- In Pretty Woman's bathtub scene, Julia was (this) than Richard.; 48- Ezekiel 31:6: "All the birds of the air ______ in its boughs..."; 50- 2007 fantasy w/ AnnaSophia (Soul Surfer) Robb, ______ to Terabithia.; 51- Sin city.; 52- Daisy variety.; 53- Makes a bundle, in a farm film.; 54- The Tamarind ____ (1974) & Demon ____ (1977).; 56- 1966 Cornel Wilde African adventure, The Naked ____.; 57- Like Anthony Edwards in 1984.; 58- A Celt or Highlander, in a Scottish film.; 61- All pretentiousness aside, a film is ___ a movie.; 63- If Sly was a hoarder, would his house be a ___? (Bah-dum-dum!);