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Print Puzzle - "Hopefully clear" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 5/2/2011
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1- Mixed up? Spray with ancient writing is priceless! (7); 4- Insists on credits, with a right! (7); 8- Take nothing away from caricatures; leave behind boxes (7); 9- Lose consciousness to distract (5); 10- Make 20 points? (5); 11- Roofless bear's foot has another animal? (5); 14- Used to capture a moment or hold a private meeting in? (6); 15- Brass is tricky to hold. Help! (6); 16- Having a strong dislike for a poem? (6); 18- Moral philosophy itches randomly (6); 20- It's harder to find in a zebra rerun (5); 23- Hearing helps the assistants (5); 25- An excuse - to cantor out of calibration? (5); 26- Inhale and motivate! (7); 27- Distrust a defendant (7); 28- Performed again? No, just responded (7);
1- As calm as an ocean (7); 2- A bird's perch has mixed roots (5); 3- This seed can unlock a cave of treasures (6); 4- Heard a line's orders (6); 5- Tosses sales, closes and stamps (5); 6- Have the opera violinists eaten an Italian dish? (7); 7- Prominent but silent, a rearrangement (7); 11- She makes cakes. Go further down the street if you want a case solved! (5); 12- Adjust, alert, change! (5); 13- Inverted, resat, quite a shocker! (5); 16- No digitals in girl from Panama's records (7); 17- Makes beloved to stop organs of hearing (7); 19- What a student earns. Confused? Spend it! (7); 21- Cryptically, you're probably one! (6); 22- More tense, more squarish than circular? (6); 24- Confusedly bears heavy sword (5); 25- Confused, on a cruise, maybe? (2,3);