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Print Puzzle - "Little Champ" by Dean Rockett on 2/1/2006
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8- Mixture of drinks, Tom Cruise movie; 9- Friend of Shrek; 10- C S Lewis wrote "The ___, The Witch and The Wardrobe"; 11- Jewel found inside an oyster; 12- Boring, dark and cloudy; 13- Young persons; 16- Collision; 18- Jittery; 20- Nimble; 21- Chore, project; 22- Strolled; 23- Excluded, threw out; 26- Leg joint; 28- Daughter of King Lear; 30- Hoist, move upward; 31- Greek island where Odysseus lived; 32- Wands, staffs;
1- Nationality of a person from Warsaw; 2- Largest organ of the human body; 3- Mark Twain wrote "The Prince and the ___"; 4- Leaping parasite; 5- Capital of South Australia; 6- ___ Blyton wrote the Famous Five books; 7- Copies, facsimiles; 14- Faithful; 15- Simple, inexperienced; 17- Flower part; 19- Overlook, be in control of; 20- Municipal representative; 24- Small container, often used to hold strawberries; 25- The ___ Tower is in Paris; 27- Test; 29- Blast of air; 30- Not early;