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Print Puzzle - "Viva Espana" by Dean Rockett on 1/30/2006
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1- Configurations of stars; 10- Large area of sea; 11- Endures, puts up with; 12- Region of north-western Spain; 13- Italian red wine - it comes from the Tuscan region; 14- Mythical creature, sometimes found lurking under bridges; 16- A score by the Miami Dolphins or New England Patriots, for example; 19- Answered; 20- Martin Luther King had one of these!; 22- Nationality of a person from Tel Aviv; 25- ___ Kipling, writer of the poem "If"; 27- Word that can precede care and agriculture, and can follow labor; 28- State of supreme happiness; 29- Kind persons, like the one in the Bible;
2- Supervises, neglects; 3- The hedgehog in the computer game!; 4- Removed, often by distillation; 5- Pale purple color; 6- Sullied, damaged; 7- Frequently; 8- Meeting; 9- Fail to remember; 15- Colloquially, the last parts of a deal to be attended to; 17- Garments worn closest to the skin; 18- Surgical procedure; 19- Barrier; 21- Simple, humble; 23- Two quantities, relatively; 24- Parlance, regional saying; 26- First appearance, unveil;