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Print Puzzle - "Super Bowl Champs" by Andrew McSorley on 1/24/2011
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1- Team that's won the most, at six; 9- Soul mate; 13- Blues harp; 15- Camp craft; 16- Not correct; 17- Team that holds the record for most appearances in a row, at four; 18- Marble; 19- Letters of concern; 20- Arrests; 21- Neural network; 22- Blue stone; 24- Babytalk game; 25- RR depot; 26- Division; 28- White wine aperitif; 29- What commentators blather about during the game; 30- Iron Age culture; 32- Team that won the first two, then waited 29 years for number three; 35- Unfavorable; 36- Academy Award winner Brody; 37- Where old news came from?; 38- Not just "a"; 39- Civil rights activist Tucker; 41- ESPN show; 44- Guns; 46- Crew member; 47- Feared Nazi department; 48- Two words for likely, with 'to'; 50- Players in the defensive secondary; 51- Chilly space object; 52- Legendary Irish hero and poet; 53- Commentator's cliche when the trailing team ties it. "We ___ ___"; 55- How most watch the game; 56- First cup of joe?; 57- Germ; 58- Madrid miss;
1- Clippers; 2- What a wide receiver is to a quarterback; 3- Typos; 4- Ham it up; 5- Sole; 6- Pittsburg-to-New York dir.; 7- Civil disturbance crimes; 8- Cuts stone; 9- Teases; 10- Witness; 11- The only team with a perfect season; 12- Slangy affirmation; 14- Computer code; 15- "NFL Today" network; 22- Trainee; 23- Home of the Bears, with 'Field'; 26- Mount with spirit; 27- Church sections; 29- Go downhill fast?; 31- Three times: Prefix; 32- Super Bowl dynasty team tarred by cheating scandals; 33- Tape used by linemen to wrap up their ankles; 34- Glacial fissure; 35- Perp nabbed by the cops; 37- Team that's appeared the most, and has won five; 40- Rustic inn; 41- Founder of the Ottoman Empire; 42- NY opera palace, in short; 43- geometric term for lines through a hyperbola; 45- Kept watch on a mobile quarterback; 47- Pilot's 'okay'; 49- It's a blast; 51- Mafia bigwig; 54- Heap;