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Print Puzzle - "Purebred" by Gene Antonio on 7/9/2024
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1- Genesis figure; 5- Artist Chagall; 9- Small lizard; 14- Some HS diplomas; 15- U. of Arizona Wildcats women's basketball head coach, ___ Barnes; 16- Cotton textile; 17- Plenty; 18- Writer Hart who collaborated with George S. Kaufman; 19- Begin a correction, perhaps; 20- Some are runners; 23- Hot time in Paris; 24- Chi follower; 25- Not gross; 26- Some printers, familiarly; 28- Sealy competitor; 30- High school class; 32- Some M.I.T. grads; 33- Nelson Mandela's political party, initially; 35- "Hail" in old Rome; 36- FBI agent; 37- Goal for Hillary; 41- Allot (with "out"); 42- Grow old; 43- Actor George Hamilton's trademark; 44- Start of a kindergarten recitation; 45- Eclectic: abbr.; 47- Bob Marley, notably; 51- Means of support; 52- Received; 53- Sitcom planet; 55- Profs' aides; 56- They require rabbits; 60- Liturgical headdress; 61- Shipping container weight; 62- ___ vera; 63- Equally mischievous; 64- French composer Satie; 65- Purebreds in this puzzle; 66- Board for nails; 67- Stops working; 68- Hardy title character;
1- Communal meals of early Christians; 2- Blot out; 3- One who worships; 4- 2001 train simulator game: abbr.; 5- Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips; 6- Ideal of male beauty; 7- Type of microprocessor architecture, initially; 8- Name synonymous with libertine; 9- Highly proficient; 10- Star of 2002 film "The Mothman Prophecies"; 11- Curse; 12- Say something by mistake; 13- Prot. denomination; 21- Brand once advertised by a toon beaver; 22- Preacher's urging; 27- IRS ID; 29- Break, in a sense; 31- President succeeded by Garfield; 34- Hubbub; 36- Virginia Cathryn Rowlands' stage name; 37- Term applied to the culture of the Jewish people; 38- "I don't believe you!"; 39- In a lather; 40- Winter coat; 41- Fairy queen described in "Romeo and Juliet"; 46- Glossy-shelled marine snail; 48- Inscribd stone slabs; 49- Cards with meanings; 50- Subject to a tax; 52- 1994 family comedy film about a piglet; 54- Smells to high heaven; 57- Tackle; 58- Indian garb; 59- Diplomat's need; 60- Silent film stars Busch or Murray;