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Print Puzzle - "Ship of Foolishness" by Barb Olson on 7/6/2024
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1- Did a cryptographer's job; 8- The Bangles "manic" day: Abbr.; 11- Mil. unit; 14- Clothing chain with a nautical name; 15- One who's no pro; 17- She was dubbed "unsinkable ship"; 18- Atlanta's state; 19- Ship's bathrooms equipped with Siri?; 21- Flatten à la Foreman; 24- Club giving free tows: Abbr.; 25- "Ugh!"; 26- Only a handful; 30- Like a roach motel; 31- Baseball slugger atop the ship?; 34- Nail Envy maker; 35- Just dandy; 36- Fine wine designation; 37- Airport alternative to JFK; 40- Cargo area for barber tools?; 43- "___ Diddy Diddy" (1964 song); 46- Popped the top off; 47- "Two owls and ___, ...": E. Lear; 48- Covered, as a loss; 50- Moving wheels; 51- Upper structure where the ship's orthodontist works?; 56- Province meaning "sparkling water" in Iroquois; 57- Slip-on shoes; 61- Process of chewing away; 62- Stitches, medically; 63- Roget suggestion: Abbr.; 64- Van. summer festival; 65- Do much hand-wringing (over);
1- Nickname for Dorothy; 2- ___ Lilly (drug company); 3- Summer hrs. in Winnipeg; 4- Painting the town; 5- CNN reporter Bash; 6- Four fifths of the devil?; 7- Flemish artist Van ___; 8- Word before "Carta" or "cum laude"; 9- Horseshoe-shaped Greek letter; 10- Sodium hydroxide, to a chemist; 11- Entertain with grand tales; 12- Took by the hand; 13- Gaudy and crude; 16- Alex ___ Studio, where Jennings works; 20- Clickable symbol; 21- eReader that's an anagram of "book"; 22- Take ___ (catch some Zs); 23- Nepal's airline; 27- "Ah, but a man's ___ should exceed his grasp ...": Browning; 28- Starship Enterprise counsellor; 29- Cantonese cookware; 30- "Pardon," slangily; 32- Rodent-control brand; 33- Isn't perfect; 37- "Copacabana" girl; 38- Highlands valley; 39- Makes use of a plus?; 40- Some Christmas lawn ornaments; 41- Damages-seeker; 42- "Enjoy yourself!"; 43- Does groovy woodwork?; 44- "The Gift of the Magi" author; 45- Continued speaking; 48- What March comes in like; 49- Side-angle car crash; 52- "What ___!" (response to a money-grab); 53- She turned up at Rick's; 54- 56-Across's premier Ford; 55- Catalonian cat; 58- ___ tu (Verdi aria); 59- Snotty Nose ___ Kids (Haisla hip hop group); 60- U-turn from NNW;