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Print Puzzle - "Is There a Doctor in the House?" by Sam Brody on 7/1/2024
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1- The only even prime number; 4- Weep; 8- Less crazy; 13- Mother in a coop; 14- Land measurement; 15- Alter ego of Mr. Hyde; 16- Consume; 17- Tech review site; 18- Addictive substances extracted from poppies; 19- He created a monster; 22- Mistake from a slip of the finger; 23- Corp. leader; 24- Whatsoever; 28- Form into something new; 32- Great Plains tribe; 33- American ___ (U.S. territory in the Pacific); 35- Body art, for short; 37- Part of the U.K.; 38- Mystical magician in the Marvel universe; 40- Title character of an epic historical film (and novel) set in Russia; 42- Summer month: Abbr.; 43- Participated in karaoke; 45- Leader in a mosque; 46- Insult by ignoring; 48- Ask for; 50- Ending for "farm" or "home"; 52- Korea's most common surname; 53- Exams for future attorneys: Abbr.; 57- Book character who could converse with animals; 60- Time traveler in a TARDIS; 61- Maker of high-end suits; 64- Footwear that requires special socks (or none); 66- Companion to Holmes; 67- Notable time period; 68- Vegetable used in gumbo; 69- Most trivial; 70- Hosp. workers; 71- Do some gardening;
1- Larceny; 2- Tired; 3- Ready to be served, as beer; 4- Support, as a candidate; 5- Skin ailment common among teens; 6- Tool for a plumber; 7- "Dig in!"; 8- Tint of old photographs; 9- Closely resembling; 10- College in the Big Apple: Abbr.; 11- Stately tree; 12- Initials for the author of "Treasure Island"; 15- Coffee, slangly; 20- Marilyn Monroe's real first name; 21- Yellow translucent gem; 25- Elite squad (and TV show from the '80s featuring Mr. T); 26- Yearns (for); 27- Maker of plastic building blocks; 29- Ages; 30- Long stories; 31- Moral principle; 33- Trick; 34- Squabble; 36- "Busy as a bee" and "brave as a lion", for example; 38- Back talk; 39- Long and thin Japanese mushroom; 41- Large containers of liquid; 44- Sparkle, like gold; 47- Impressively cool and tough, slangly; 49- "This is a tough decision"; 51- "___ disturb": sign on a hotel room door; 54- Stopped sleeping; 55- Yonder; 56- "What a shame"; 58- "Hamilton" creator ___-Manuel Miranda; 59- Meadows; 61- Tool for a leather worker; 62- Singer Carly ___ Jepsen; 63- Org. that runs the largest subway system in the Americas; 65- Question that's an anagram of 60A;