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Print Puzzle - "Let's Ride" by Gene Antonio on 6/23/2024
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1- Rime; 5- ___ chest; 10- Hood's honey; 14- Formerly; 15- Make up for; 16- Chick's finish?; 17- Some are made just for dogs; 19- Lowers, once?; 20- Person of high rank in India; 21- Inscriptions on objects, such as coins; 23- Do work at a blackboard; 24- Muslim rulers; 26- One of many offered amnesty by President Ford; 31- Brew known by these three letters; 34- What Cato's omelet required; 35- Toon bird's name; 36- CSA soldier, familiarly; 37- Downed; 38- End successfully (with "out"); 40- Palindromic feminine name; 41- Hamlet ran his sword through one; 43- Its capital is Tirana: abbr.; 44- Put on; 45- One sometimes looking for an open end; 49- Most inauspicious; 50- Tempo direction indicating fast speed; 55- College graduate; 58- Author buried near Hawthorne, Emerson, and Thoreau at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery; 59- It's a mistake; 60- A roller might work better than this; 63- Iago: "I hate the ___ ..."; 64- World's first solar bus, operating in Australia; 65- Off shore; 66- Henry VIII's second or fourth; 67- "___ John B": Bahamian folk song; 68- Hydromel;
1- Word to follow saw or dark, also to follow first word of 17-, 26-, 45-, and 60-Across; 2- How young lovers may walk; 3- African capital; 4- The "King of Swing" needed them; 5- Creator of Dr. Gideon Fell; 6- Letter to Plato; 7- Member of a famous septet; 8- Sock type; 9- Do additional broadcasting; 10- Gets aong with the means available; 11- Ruler of the Aesir gods of Norse myth; 12- Banks do this; 13- Sediment; 18- Organic compound used as a bleach activator, briefly; 22- Word preceded by "full-" or followed by "-up"; 24- Spot where icicles often hang out; 25- Aspiring artist's degree; 27- Nonsense; 28- Attempt to influence; 29- Starchy tuber; 30- Robert in "Bad Day at Black Rock"; 31- Dinars spend here; 32- Moutainous land; 33- "East of Eden" character who loves Aron, then Cal; 37- John who played Gomez Addams; 38- Type of map; 39- It's owned by Walt Disney Co.; 42- Philadelphia suburb; 43- Crunches build them, familiarly; 46- Suddenly becomes active; 47- Hold a boat race again; 48- Journalist and academic Marvin; 51- "Take a hike!"; 52- Last name of W. C. Fields' character in "The Bank Dick," fittingly; 53- Bewildered; 54- "___ To Be You": popular song from 1924; 55- Ultimate reality in Hinduism; 56- France's third largest city; 57- Knowing about; 58- On; 61- "___ Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel": song by the $uicideboy$; 62- Navy individual responible for distribution and collection of monies, initially;