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Print Puzzle - "Bookends" by Steve Faiella on 6/21/2024
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1- New England cape; 4- Leave; 10- Rung of a ladder; 14- Calendar mo.; 15- How carpet quantities are expressed; 16- Curtain material; 17- "Beauty and the Beast" song sung by an animated candle holder and a clock; 19- Stomach woe; 20- Parts of eyes; 21- Student's binder; 23- Zilch; 24- Chocolate substitute; 25- How the last scenes of movies are sometimes shot as; 32- Bird sound; 35- "Open ___ 9" (shop sign); 36- Golfer's choice; 37- Flight board posting; 39- Seek similarities; 42- Pants part; 43- It's the loneliest number, according to "Three Dog Night"; 44- Busy insect; 45- "Woah! Hang on, I have to think about that!": Slang; 51- Took to jail; 52- Prune; 56- Milk, in diner or kid slang; 60- Fruit with a peel; 62- Diary writer Frank; 63- "There's no chance of that happening!"; 65- Pastry decorator; 66- Magazine chief; 67- Photo ___ (P.R. events); 68- Classroom furniture; 69- Sight and hearing; 70- Greatest degree;
1- Home in the woods; 2- "Carmen" or "Tosca"; 3- R2-D2, e.g.; 4- Serious, as a situation; 5- M.I.T. grads; 6- NBA All-Star Gasol (Homophone of POW!); 7- Sports venues; 8- Club Med, for example; 9- Body art; 10- Thick slice; 11- South-of-the-border sandwich; 12- Bounce back, as sound; 13- Sneak a look; 18- U.S. military flying force:Abbr.; 22- Fall back, as a tide; 24- An amoeba has just one; 26- Off-road transport:Abbr.; 27- Day, in Mexico; 28- ChapStick target; 29- Mideast native; 30- Apple discard; 31- Pants leg part; 32- An A.T.M. dispenses it; 33- Creme-filled treat; 34- Type of exam; 38- "___ be a shame if..."; 39- Mindy of "The Facts of Life" (Rhymes with a holder of ice cream); 40- Beatle bride Yoko; 41- Fathers and sons; 46- Capote, to friends; 47- Alaska Panhandle city (like a popular underwear brand plus one letter); 48- Scramble, as a secret message; 49- Makeshift Frisbee from a bake shop; 50- Italian spewer; 53- Synthetic silk; 54- Not competent; 55- Low wetland (or Stan from "South Park"'s last name); 56- Motel room cleaner; 57- First word of many Fairy tales; 58- Small wallet bills; 59- Quick tug; 60- Fraternal letters seen under antlers; 61- Airport postings:Abbr.; 64- Symbols like @;