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Print Puzzle - "Those Meddling Kids!" by Sam Brody on 6/20/2024
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1- Cuisine with pad see ew and tom yum soup; 5- Fast food chain with buckets; 8- Glasses-wearing "brains" of the gang; 13- Collection of cattle; 14- Marine mammal that "barks"; 15- Letters in the refrain of "Old MacDonald"; 16- "___ upon a time"; 17- A big fan of; 18- Reeked; 19- Unkempt and often terrified member of the gang; 21- Stylish red-head who's prone to stumbling into trouble; 23- Moon-related; 25- Actress Issa whose name is a backwards body-part; 26- Lets in; 29- Scottish denial that rhymes with 25A; 31- Knocks sharply; 35- Wake up; 36- One of the Marx brothers; 38- In good shape; 39- With 41A, how the gang gets around; 41- See 39A; 43- Cry at a soccer game or a bullfight; 44- Settle a debt; 46- Brother of Moses; 47- Category on a wine list; 49- That woman; 50- Agreement; 51- Bygone airline with a namesake hotel at JFK; 53- "Ave __!"; 55- With 58A and 70A, the famous cry of the titular member of the gang; 58- See 55A; 60- Make up (for); 61- "Famous" cookie name; 63- Top notch; 66- Amusement park attractions; 67- Clothing for a judge; 68- Uber competitor; 69- Charismatic leader of the gang; 70- See 55A; 71- Showgirl at the Copacabana;
1- However, informally; 2- Layers in a coop; 3- Part of the foot that may need support; 4- One who puts principles above all else; 5- Nairobi's country; 6- Jack Spratt wouldn't eat it; 7- Lump of dirt; 8- Popular Italian scooter whose name means "wasp"; 9- "Both options are good"; 10- Jack Spratt's wife wouldn't eat it; 11- Claim of ownership from a toddler; 12- Hunky-dory; 14- Omens; 20- Channel for water runoff; 22- Colombian cornmeal cake; 24- Important messenger molecule in the cell: Abbr.; 26- Protective wear for a knight; 27- Sir Arthur Conan ___ : creator of Sherlock Holmes; 28- Became absorbed in thought; 30- Military force; 32- Blazing; 33- Attach, as a (fake) donkey's tail; 34- Medical tube inserted in an artery; 36- Overblown publicity; 37- The "O" in A.O.C. (or the start of an ode to a watch company?); 40- Program after an injury or addiction, for short; 42- Really enjoys the occasion; 45- Limb below the shoulder; 48- High on pot; 50- Came up; 52- Sorrows; 54- Spicy Mexican marinade; 55- Mix; 56- Morse, for example; 57- Outdoor area behind a house; 59- Toy on a string; 60- More common canine sound than 55A; 62- Sound on a dairy farm; 64- Super Bowl org.; 65- Approx. that may account for traffic on the way;