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Print Puzzle - "You're a Doll" by Barb Olson on 6/18/2024
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1- "Oh, heck!"; 7- "It'll only take ___"; 11- Mock Canadianisms; 14- How overtime periods never end; 15- Dr. Hook songwriter Silverstein; 16- Void, in Versailles; 17- Like goods imported from "the world's factory"; 19- Mop&___ floor cleaner; 20- Datum for a pickup person; 21- Jordanian queen; 22- Knickknack ledge, perhaps; 24- Vodka cocktail with kahlĂșa and cream; 28- Foxiest?; 30- Don't stop to see; 31- Central idea; 32- Tasmania's highest peak; 35- It had to be removed in a Legion, once; 36- Scrappy online poster; 40- First of fifty-two; 41- ___ speak (now); 42- Prefix with -syncratic; 43- Noble Italian family name; 46- Greet a passing boater, maybe; 48- Sheet placed atop an image, as for copying; 51- "Sunday morning creeping like ___" (Beatles lyric); 52- Senior's org., in the U.S.; 53- Group of do-gooders?: Abbr.; 56- Secretly share a thread; 57- Oil checker's rod wiper; 61- Singer Tina's ex; 62- Civil War Gen. Robert ___; 63- Canadian businesswoman Dickinson; 64- A "Cuckoo's Nest" drug; 65- Take another shot at; 66- Adept hunter or inept clod;
1- Coin bearing the Bluenose; 2- Surgeon's study: Abbr.; 3- It means nothing to a Spaniard; 4- Verizon forerunner; 5- Big Ben's three; 6- Shapovalov's sport; 7- "... woman who lived in ___"; 8- Bake in shallow dishes, as eggs; 9- Yet, to Yeats; 10- Of supreme quality; 11- Book lover's major, for short; 12- Rowdy todo; 13- Start to pitch?; 18- Common T-shirt fabrics; 23- Universal residence?; 24- Skating champion Katarina; 25- Evil little laugh; 26- ___ the crack of dawn; 27- "All the news that's fit to print" paper; 28- Thyme keepers?; 29- Did the Boot Scootin' Boogie; 33- Attach a patch, say; 34- Knighted rocker Rod; 37- Forecast in Vancouver, often; 38- Cleave apart; 39- Shared Polish/German river; 40- Qty.; 44- Room with IV pumps; 45- Bit of fireplace ash; 47- Old Rome's ___Way; 49- Dropped one's jaw; 50- Toyota model name meaning "stroll" in Spanish; 53- ___ Rabbit; 54- Healthy, in Honduras; 55- Was kept in a wine cellar, say; 56- Cartoonist Keane; 58- Part of an "archipel"; 59- ___-Kee (lucky "Mulan" bug); 60- Carrier to Schiphol;