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Print Puzzle - "The Doctor is In" by Barb Olson on 4/8/2024
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1- Tide rival; 4- Acquire, as a fortune; 9- Model airplane wood; 14- Tech exec, briefly; 15- Leonardo's Tuscan birthplace; 16- States in French?; 17- Sellers' "Pink Panther" nemesis; 18- Compliment to curtain maker?; 20- Brand for "real dogs", in ads; 22- Visual hazard of welding; 23- Parliament's Upper House: Abbr.; 24- Manuscript writer who gets an early start?; 28- Davis of "Thelma and Louise"; 29- Ont. region from Halton to Durham; 30- Coq au ___; 31- Mobbish rebellions; 35- Certain flag bearer; 39- Has a dental tool in hand?; 43- ___ ton (pigged out); 44- Sci-fi Vader; 45- Charging station lineup, for short; 46- American 50-Down; 49- Shiny shell lining; 51- It leaves a stain, as grape juice or red wine?; 57- "What did ___?!" ("Don't blame me!"); 58- Neither hot nor cold; 59- "___ boy!" (proud dad's cry); 60- Sagging lanes at Bowlerama?; 64- "Sorry, am ___ your way?"; 65- Began a date; 66- More than enough; 67- Funny Tina; 68- Grenoble river in the French Alps; 69- Rye raiser; 70- Approx. 160ยบ on a compass;
1- Happy as ___; 2- Studier of life forms; 3- Cousin of "capiche?"; 4- Dow Jones stat.; 5- Space station for cosmonauts; 6- Lay ___ (bomb); 7- Heat milk to near boiling; 8- Meditative music maker, maybe; 9- Deprived (of), as in grief; 10- Two ___ time (Ark arrangement); 11- Brief loss, as of memory; 12- Cattle man?; 13- Bus. group; 19- Major yawn-inducer; 21- Vowel's value, in Scrabble; 25- Crucifix inscription; 26- Makeshift coat hook, maybe; 27- Pack (down), as espresso; 30- By way of, or a Canadian train name; 32- Aged; 33- For all the ___ in China; 34- Cube, but 2D: Abbr.; 36- Pre-dinner cocktails; 37- Big hair and bell-bottoms decade; 38- Successes for Lions and Elks: Abbr.; 40- Big name in bug spray; 41- ___ Reader (alternative zine); 42- "If ___ a dime for every ..."; 47- Start an email over; 48- Vehicle drawn by huskies; 50- Apr. returns recipient; 51- Leaves running in the driveway; 52- Nick of "Cape Fear"; 53- Earnest wisher's words; 54- Ecological area; 55- Treatment for Parkinson's disease; 56- West wed to Kim; 57- "___ Said" (Neil Diamond song); 61- 44-nation cont.; 62- "The magic word," in a text; 63- Firmed up;