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Print Puzzle - "Had a Bite" by Steve Faiella on 4/2/2024
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1- Adhesive on a roll; 5- Watch like a ___ (pay very close attention to); 9- Disputed Mideast strip; 13- Airline you might take to see 9A's geographic neighbor; 14- Language of old Rome; 15- Wilson brother of Luke; 16- Last chance for a grocery item?; 18- Bearded barnyard beast; 19- Actress Hedy of old films; 20- "___ Have Eyes" (Classic Wes Craven horror film of 1977); 22- Classifieds, e.g.; 23- Inner tube filler; 25- SSE or NNW; 26- It's got your number; 32- Opposite of rural; 35- Hockey fake-out moves; 36- Item on a custodian's ring; 37- Kitchen or den; 38- Bacon piece; 39- It's often long in Disneyland; 40- Gloomy ___ (pessimist. Not sure if director Van Sant is one though); 41- Smooth and sophisticated (like the shampoo?); 42- Transmits, as an e-mail; 43- The speed at which you might trade e-mail addresses with a new friend?; 46- The whole enchilada; 47- Group that kidnapped Patty Hearst (Anagram of LAS); 48- Tic-___-toe; 51- Outdoor, big screen movies (hyph.); 56- ___ Fair (90s female music fair), or Frasier Crane's ex; 58- How some order steak; 59- Landmark bridge; 61- "[Ding Dong!] ___ calling!" (your blush is here!); 62- Like Bigfoot (supposedly); 63- Soft, French cheese; 64- Left the building, like Elvis; 65- Docile, as a domesticated beast; 66- Fastener pressed with a thumb;
1- Electric auto company headed by Elon Musk; 2- Went over like ___ balloon (not well, at all); 3- Trees with coconuts; 4- Fitzgerald of jazz; 5- Was in possession of; 6- Rat- ___ (Machine gun sound); 7- Accompanied by; 8- One way to wade, as into a stream; 9- "You can do it, sister!"; 10- GI truant; 11- Enthusiasm; 12- Aardvark snacks; 14- Style of poetry (and when plural, a song's words); 17- Scarecrow's wish in "The Wizard of Oz"; 21- Elvis swiveled his - a lot!; 24- Colorful discount merchandise label; 26- On the ___ (fleeing from police); 27- Coward's lack (also called Chutzpa); 28- Racers gliding on snow; 29- Nearly identical; 30- Take care of, as a garden; 31- Peepers (Jeepers Creepers!); 32- Spur on; 33- Sauce thickener (homophone of RUE); 34- Variety of pear (anagram of COBS); 38- Outdoor source of vitamin D; 39- Actor Tommy ___ Jones; 41- You'll see lots of 24Ds at this event; 42- Red wine may leave one if spilled; 44- "I ___ got a clue!" (beats me!); 45- Bowler's hangout; 48- Beauty pageant crown; 49- Home's top floor storage area; 50- Place to apply rouge; 51- Sketch, maybe; 52- Rant and ___ (blow one's cork); 53- Golfer's selection, perhaps a 9?; 54- US weather agcy.; 55- Slender; 57- Rainbow flag letters (Abbr.); 60- Rapper Dr. ___;