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Print Puzzle - "Egg Hunt Aftermath" by Sam Brody on 4/1/2024
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1- Rainbow's shape; 4- Trim, as a hedge; 8- Sorrows; 12- Corporate leader: Abbr.; 13- Guillible; 14- ___-European languages; 15- Sick; 16- How an optimist likes them; 18- Displays at a museum; 20- Explosive initials; 21- How a code-breaker likes them; 23- The ones over there; 27- Public transport vehicle; 28- Therefore; 30- Cable channel that originally focused on rock and pop videos; 31- Term of indearment; 33- Object of worship; 34- Singer Bareilles; 35- How a mischief-maker likes them; 37- How an illegal hunter likes them; 39- Group of soldiers; 40- Small amounts; 42- Curtain; 43- Info. that might get updated during an Uber ride; 44- Feel sore; 45- Buzzing insect; 46- Submarine's echo-location system; 48- How a mellow person likes them; 52- Novelist Brown, author of "The Da Vinci Code"; 54- Huge; 56- How a private eye likes them; 60- Japanese rice wine; 61- National gem of Australia; 62- Spacious; 63- Do some yard work; 64- It's in your DNA; 65- Classic road trip game; 66- Quaint lodging;
1- Corrosive compounds; 2- Ancient artifact; 3- Hue; 4- Artificial waterway; 5- Type of oil used in paints; 6- Climbing plant; 7- Nuisance; 8- Measurement across; 9- Single; 10- Email ending for a college student; 11- Soak (up); 13- Desensitizes; 16- Prophet who anointed Saul; 17- Really keen on; 19- Alice followed a white one; 22- Omits; 24- Warren Buffett's Nebraskan birth city; 25- Throat problem; 26- Elude; 29- Day-___ (fluorescent-paint company); 31- Japanese lunch box; 32- Relating to birds; 33- Character in "Dune", or a popular potato; 34- Sounds from a roller-coaster ride; 35- Membership fees; 36- Abbreviation at the end of a list; 38- "Doe, ___ ..." ("The Sound of Music" lyric); 41- Convert film to photos; 44- Kaffiyeh wearer, often; 45- Adrien of "The Pianist", youngest recipient of the Best Actor award (at 29); 47- Confuse; 49- Foe; 50- "Same here"; 51- Gold rush territory, or a popular potato; 53- Seaweed wrapped around sushi; 55- Stitched; 56- One who doesn't like to share; 57- An orangutan is a great one; 58- Competed in a race; 59- Apple's mobile platform;