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Print Puzzle - "Where In the World" by Gene Antonio on 3/31/2024
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1- Bark cloth; 5- Oscar Madison and his kind; 10- Achievement that wows; 14- Avoid as a policy; 15- Tube for drawing fluid; 16- Seventh avatar of Vishnu; 17- Gear at a drive-in movie; 18- Cole Porter's "___ Kick Out of You"; 19- Greek letters; 20- They're part of traditional dining rooms; 23- Suffix meaning somewhat; 25- Diane ___ Furstenberg; 26- Renowned name in physics; 27- Part of the British invasion of the 1960s; 32- Subatomic particle; 33- Blame; 34- Delta alternative; 35- Again take advantage of; 37- Sounds from a flock; 41- Computer giant; 42- Home of North Dakota State U.; 43- Holiday dinner traditional main dish; 47- Islamic chief; 49- Glass or Moody; 50- Nabokov title; 51- Basketball great; 56- Sui generis in crosswords; 57- Twelve followers; 58- Sch. of the Hudson; 61- Symbolic Hawthorne character; 62- It takes two; 63- Rain bings it out; 64- Fall location; 65- Dogs from Tibet; 66- Working;
1- Dosing amt.; 2- "Got it!"; 3- Hamlet in Westchester County, NY; 4- Loop atop a T-shape; 5- Put a ___ (give a certain interpretation to information); 6- Molecule that binds to a central metal atom; 7- Crude org.; 8- Stage of development; 9- Employ a dirk; 10- Any of a number of small connective tissues in the human body; 11- Hash house; 12- Prized instrument; 13- Cup in a Paris cafe; 21- Dixon in "Hogan's Heroes"; 22- Treats a bruise, maybe; 23- Long-range weapon; 24- "Get lost!"; 28- Put on; 29- Unit of energy; 30- Annapolis grad; 31- She played Blache on 'The Golden Girls"; 35- Man with a flag; 36- Seasonal worker; 37- Toddler Davy Crockett's quarry; 38- Bill Clinton, notably; 39- Unlike cheap wine; 40- Glycine max; 41- ___ mater: membrane surrounding the brain; 42- Provide with money; 43- Withdraw from; 44- Site of Golestan Palace; 45- Small, black, fork=tailed bird; 46- Trunks; 47- "That's ___": Dean Martin song; 48- Dug; 52- James or Jones; 53- ___ frog; 54- Salome ___ who played the Female Changeling on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"; 55- Wheels; 59- X-ray alternative; 60- Pt. of an address;