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Print Puzzle - "The Art of the Matter" by Barb Olson on 3/30/2024
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1- Furrowed-brow expression; 6- "The Owl House" character ___ Clawthorne; 9- At ___ distance; 14- "The Hub of Nova Scotia" town; 15- Authors' book sale payments; 17- Kim Mitchell's "___ Lanterns"; 18- In a tangle, as rush hour traffic; 19- Do slapstick illustrations?; 21- Baby booty filler; 24- Toothed tool; 25- Air leak sound; 26- "Seinfeld" rerun network; 27- Composer Satie; 30- Circle meas.; 32- Do stovetop illustrations?; 36- Word sung at a New Year's party; 37- PC's F1 neighbour; 38- Poser's practice; 41- Do window dressing illustrations?; 46- Cry from a frustrated Frankfurter; 47- Sarah McLachlan hit written for her best friend; 48- Side dish at a luau; 49- Rifles with a 47 model; 52- Residential rule-making bd.; 54- 78s, 45s or LPs; 56- Do zoological illustrations?; 60- "Ahem!!", in words; 61- Wine also known as Shiraz; 65- Teamsters members; 66- April Fool's Day foolery; 67- Maker of Downy and Dawn: Abbr.; 68- Unbiased hirer, in ads; 69- Immunity enzyme;
1- NASCAR additive brand; 2- Returns recipient, for short; 3- Caught off base, maybe; 4- Where bangles dangle; 5- Quick visual check; 6- Once, with while; 7- Ergo, to Descartes; 8- Indian housemaids; 9- Be a welcoming doorman; 10- Derive (from); 11- CEO's advisers; 12- Some soap opera fodder; 13- Awards for top jocks; 16- "We" band, ___ Fire; 20- Charlotte's Jane; 21- Chiding sounds; 22- Grand Ole ___; 23- ___off (intermittently); 28- Abba's "___ the Music Speak"; 29- One-named "Tik Tok" singer; 31- "Right back ___!" ("Likewise!"); 33- Michael who played George Michael on "Arrested Development"; 34- Ran the show, for short; 35- Saturated; 39- Sci. for rock lovers; 40- Yard sale caveat; 42- "___ Baby" (U2 title with a German word); 43- Riddle question after hints; 44- Woman of note?; 45- Tears a strip off, so to speak; 49- Make sense; 50- It's spent in Sweden; 51- "Just ___" (disguised insult); 53- Ouzo ingredient; 55- Justin Timberlake's former band; 57- Fridge filler; 58- Having as a hobby; 59- Stuff to sell: Abbr.; 62- Quick way to go?; 63- Need TLC; 64- Stomach acid, chemically;