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Print Puzzle - "Chemistry Lesson" by Mark McClain on 3/27/2024
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1- Site for cinema buffs; 5- Pressure; 10- Sports league with D.C. United and LA Galaxy, briefly; 13- Spirit, on a music score; 14- Check words; 15- Dietary protein source; 16- Cardinal's home; 17- Flynn of cinema; 18- Jason's mythical ship; 19- Military unit for cowardly soldiers?; 22- Anatomical rings; 24- Bother; 25- Just the right amount of tautness?; 29- Year-end reward; 30- Lie on the edge of; 31- Steak house sound; 32- Hair care tools; 34- Desert of Asia; 38- Letters suggesting urgency; 39- Fictional hero with a sword; 40- Catholic liturgical segue?; 45- Gets dimmer; 46- Cut back at the table; 47- Troublemaker who's not pushing up daisies?; 51- Take ___ stride; 52- Wafer brand; 53- Big name in elevators; 56- NASCAR event; 57- Dodge; 58- Dispatched; 59- Dead heat; 60- Zellweger of the big screen; 61- Swirling current;
1- Arab equivalent of "Mac-"; 2- GI's field chow; 3- Recognizes, in a way; 4- She and I; 5- Medicine cabinet emetic; 6- Grocery store; 7- Combustible woodpile; 8- Thames town; 9- Play the idler; 10- Sheep prized for its wool; 11- Coastal body of water; 12- Not showing emotion; 15- Great (prefix); 20- Lands in Polynésie; 21- Sunrise direction; 22- Alerts from the police dept.; 23- Some antique trucks; 26- Florida bay city; 27- Flow back; 28- Greek consonants; 32- Oklahoma winter hrs.; 33- Paddle's kin; 34- Busted out; 35- Showed the ropes to; 36- Family bus. name abbr.; 37- Subject of this puzzle's chemistry lesson; 38- The A of PGA; 39- Pasta choice; 40- Tropical rum cocktail; 41- Helpful hint; 42- River of Paris; 43- Nervous ___; 44- French greens; 45- Toy (with); 48- Emulate an angry dog; 49- Home for bees; 50- Musk with billions; 54- Politically unaffiliated (abbr.); 55- Rural pen;