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Print Puzzle - "Double Duty" by Steve Faiella on 3/24/2024
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1- Freeway entrance; 5- Times New Roman, for example; 9- Parakeet seat; 14- Dayton's state; 15- "Call on me, teacher, please!"; 16- Flexible in movement; 17- Data storage area; 19- Not afraid to speak out; 20- Holds in high regard; 21- "Black gold, Texas tea..."; 23- Nero's title: Abbr.; 24- Scottish "no", or when repeated a hip-hop dance; 25- Group of seats; 27- Urban foraging technique; 35- One who mimics; 36- Santa's laugh syllables; 37- Steakhouse order; 39- They follow FA and SOL; 40- Fortune telling prefix with "sayer"; 42- Revered figure (and part of a talent show name); 43- Informed about; 44- Wet dirt; 45- Playful puppy bites; 46- One following a master's; 51- Dining area where the meal is made: Abbr.; 52- Grafton's "___ for Outlaw"; 53- Almost on "E"; 56- Caustic drain opener; 58- Quick comebacks; 63- Make fit; 65- What one might do on casual Friday; 67- Cinematic offering; 68- "___ With the Wind" (Scarlett and Rhett's tale); 69- Actor Morales; 70- Dog classification; 71- And others, in a list: Abbr.; 72- Breather;
1- Traveled by horse; 2- Large Hawaiian tunas; 3- Ocean spray; 4- Jab with a finger; 5- Widescreen or standard, as for a movie; 6- "It's all clear now!"; 7- Election day mo.; 8- "The Cosby Show" boy's or Kojak's first name; 9- His drooling dogs made him famous; 10- Often inflated item; 11- Chinese restaurant grain; 12- Chowder ingredient; 13- Lend a hand; 18- Cub Scout packs; 22- Luck of the ___ (maybe from a four leaf clover?); 26- Sending by telegraph; 27- Artist Salvador ___; 28- ___ and at 'em! (get out of bed, lazy bones!); 29- Movement aimed at stopping gender based harassment; 30- Cinderella's "Charming" beau; 31- "Mary Tyler Moore Show" spinoff with Valerie Harper; 32- Web address part; 33- Absolute bottom (homophone of presidential candidate Ralph); 34- Feel about blindly, as in the dark; 38- Otherwise; 40- Like bars in old films; 41- "___ Town" (Thornton Wilder play); 47- At an angle; 48- Golfer Ochoa or 1993 wife of John Bobbitt; 49- Action movie star Vin; 50- Educated guesses, like ballpark attendance nos.; 53- Young sheep; 54- Bad smell; 55- Something a surfer catches; 57- Razor's sharp part; 59- Czech river (Anagram of RODE); 60- Valentine's day flower; 61- "___ the Night Before Christmas"; 62- Irritated state; 64- Apple filled dessert; 66- Go bad, as food;