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Print Puzzle - "Trooper Treats" by Sam Brody on 3/23/2024
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1- Dance at a Jewish wedding; 5- Thinking sound; 8- Caramel and coconut treat, or a Polynesian island country; 13- "Sign me up!"; 14- Arthur of "The Golden Girls"; 15- Tiers; 16- Crispy chocolate-covered peanut-butter treat that makes you want to join the fun; 18- Majestic birds; 19- Spicy pepper; 20- Take little drinks of; 22- Wore; 23- High card; 24- They may be pulled by horses; 29- Jewel; 31- Shortbread snack with an emblematic shape; 33- Path of a cannonball; 36- Diaper, to a Brit; 39- Attire for a judge; 40- Item in a yearly bake sale, found six times in this puzzle; 43- Brainchild; 44- Show up; 45- Sticky fluid from a tree; 46- Citrusy biscuit inscribed with an inspiring message; 48- Center of a cherry; 50- Delete; 51- Notable period; 54- Fancy parties; 58- Tacked on; 60- Resident of Tehran; 61- Small casual restaurant; 65- Top-selling treat with a cool and chocolaty flavor; 67- Doted on; 68- Swanson in "Parks and Recreation"; 69- ___ vera; 70- Oatmeal and peanut-butter treat, named for a square-dancing move; 71- What a constant hand-washer may have, for short; 72- Low-lying islands;
1- Unforeseen snag; 2- Nebraska's largest city; 3- Inflexible; 4- Counterpart of digital; 5- Network for "Game of Thrones" and "White Lotus"; 6- High-IQ club; 7- Sorcerer's skill; 8- Gathering that may involve an Ouija board; 9- Mathematical middle, for short; 10- Actor Gibson or Brooks; 11- Cheer for a matador; 12- Beast of burden; 15- Star sign with a mane; 17- Items like sheets and tablecloths; 21- Small; 25- Bushy hairdo; 26- Corner pieces on a chessboard; 27- Leg bone; 28- Take a nap; 30- Neighbor of Hong Kong known as the "Vegas of Asia"; 32- Summarize; 33- Nimble; 34- Bus passenger; 35- Smooth foam on an espresso; 37- Burst; 38- Young dog; 41- Country neighboring Vietnam; 42- Starting point; 47- Got closer; 49- Plane's landing area; 52- Fashionably old-fashioned; 53- Improvised; 55- Boxer Ali, whose first and last name share the same letters; 56- Irk; 57- Locales; 59- Extinct flightless bird; 61- Rotten; 62- Words at the altar; 63- Letters asking for rescue; 64- Prefix for -cycle or -ceratops; 66- Neither Dem. nor Rep.;