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Print Puzzle - "Definitions 2" by Gene Antonio on 3/22/2024
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1- Small waterbird; 5- Another time; 10- Singer Cantrell; 14- Hoosier pol Bayh; 15- Mattress name; 16- North Carolina school; 17- Singer McEntire; 18- Symbol sacred to a group, as a clan; 19- Insubstantial; 20- Anarchists out on bail?; 23- Like big winners in Vegas; 24- One up; 28- Succeed; 31- Rugged peak; 32- MS enclosure; 33- Dependable spouses?; 36- Often encountered Latin; 37- Icicle hangout; 38- Fuss; 39- Jean-Luc. Picard: "Make ___"; 40- First name in spoon bending; 41- Transgression by a clergyman?; 45- Give out; 46- Actor Averback and columnist Gardner; 47- Steve and Ethan; 48- Bone collagen used to make glue; 50- Starting from a particular time; 51- Where a pastor dines?; 57- Football great Graham; 60- Make amends (with "for"); 61- It precedes house or lily; 62- Simulated; 63- Louis who wrote "My Life In Court"; 64- Oklahoma city; 65- Low card; 66- Get ready; 67- David Copperfield's childish wife;
1- Servile feudal laborer; 2- Having ended; 3- Leafy vegetable; 4- Organism that survives without oxygen; 5- Near Eastern goddess of fertility; 6- Hollow rock; 7- First drawing class; 8- Acronym for India's program for assisting developing countries; 9- Noteworthy; 10- Superlative of little; 11- It takes hops; 12- European country: abbr.; 13- Partner of all; 21- Fidel's brother; 22- They require sitters?; 25- It causes sleeping sickness; 26- Has a home-cooked meal; 27- Scouts, in brief; 28- Not the real thing; 29- Punk rock band with hit "Boys of Summer" (with The); 30- Military branches; 31- Yours: French; 34- Candy maker; 35- Put on; 39- Star-crossed; 41- Salvia hispanica; 42- John Galt's creator; 43- Egyptian president 1956 to 1970 and family; 44- Zillions; 49- It creates a strong bond; 50- Henry VIII's second and fourth; 52- Get moving; 53- Flow sluggisly; 54- Nickname of Paul David Hewson of U2; 55- Den; 56- Icelandic literary source; 57- Not infrequently, in a poem; 58- Sticky stuff; 59- Calendar abbr.;