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Print Puzzle - "That's Entertainment!" by Barb Olson on 3/21/2024
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1- Word before "E-I-E-I-O"; 5- Qualify for the booby prize; 11- Gaping mouth; 14- Think tank output; 15- Start of Juliet's balcony call; 16- "Telephone Line" band; 17- Show appealing to geologists?; 19- As well; 20- Squishy, as moss; 21- G sharp-B flat connector; 23- Personal perspective; 25- Back ___ (the Maritimes, in B.C.); 27- Take to the depot; 28- Show that satirizes rudimentary art?; 31- Burlington-born singer Harmer; 32- Exaggerated pirate cry; 33- Vancouver poet laureate Evelyn ___; 36- "The Faerie Queene" poet; 38- ___ Comet; 41- Thrice daily, on an Rx; 42- "___in the Dark" (Streep film); 44- Artistically kooky; 45- Theatre screenings of "Dune", "Dumbo" and "Disturbia"?; 48- "Don't act guilty"; 51- Wide, wide, wide shoes; 52- U.S. baggage checkers; 53- Like one who said "I do" but didn't; 55- Couldn't care ___; 57- Singer Difranco; 58- Stage show with deeply emotional scenes?; 62- It's spent in Sapporo; 63- Me time enthusiast?; 64- Provide, as an example; 65- Texter's "Oops, my bad"; 66- Fix a bootie boo-boo; 67- Per unit;
1- Flat-needled conifer; 2- Big fuss; 3- Ready to leave the hospital; 4- Powerful shark; 5- "Ha, beat that!"; 6- Seaside soarer; 7- Successful seeker; 8- Prayer word meaning "so be it"; 9- "Will be, will be" in song; 10- Added, with "up"; 11- It goes underground; 12- "A Jug of Wine, ___ of Bread...": Omar Khayyam; 13- "Mrs Dalloway" writer Virginia; 18- Hockey's Jaromír Jágr and Dominik Hašek, for two; 22- Bad turn?; 23- Hushed "hey!"; 24- Giraffe's smaller cousin; 26- Hard to come by; 29- Prepare a hide; 30- Dark side, in a Stevenson novel; 33- Forget to keep something secret; 34- Lew who played Dr. Kildare; 35- ___ sassy tone (is lippy); 37- "I must confess, I was born at a very ___": Groucho Marx; 39- Take down a notch, maybe?; 40- Sweetie, in Sussex; 43- Lands a ling; 45- "My mama done ___ me,..."; 46- Grocer on "Sesame Street"; 47- Hitter of 511 home runs; 48- Occasions to celebrate aging, for short; 49- German article; 50- TV spinoff set in the Big Apple; 54- Dilbert's East Indian co-worker; 56- Found dog drop-off spot; 59- Grammar book "Woe ___"; 60- Go from ___ B; 61- "You betcha!";