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Print Puzzle - "At the Space Bar" by Steve Faiella on 3/15/2024
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1- "___ or go home" (Be bold, or don't bother!) (2 wds); 6- Dragons' dens; 11- Storekeeper on 'The Simpsons'; 14- Alternative to Maytag; 15- "To whom ___ concern..."; 16- Wayne portrayer Kilmer; 17- Rites of passage; 19- Winding road shape, often; 20- Publishing mistakes; 21- Part of a TV: abbr.; 22- Where every sunset terminates; 23- When doubled, an African fly (or middle name of Chairman Mao); 24- Settle the score; 26- Wiley E. Coyote's supplier of choice; 29- Paint stripes on a portal?; 33- Really enjoy, man; 34- 80's Coca Cola ad slogan with an ! at the end; 35- ___ Jessica Parker of TV; 37- Tater state: Abbr.; 38- Writer's prize; 42- Bothers, as when something just doesn't feel right; 45- ___ Gardner, Mrs. Sinatra #2; 46- What sots very rarely do?; 49- Some passing grades; 50- Like Billie Holiday songs; 51- ___ Lovelace, computer programming pioneer; 53- They're in a clergyman's closet; 54- Shook hands, say; 57- With the most aches; 61- Worn-down pencil; 62- Expect a great deal from, as an athletic performance; 64- Rhyming "Dr."; 65- Wrestling venue; 66- Dreamy and unaware (perhaps staring at a night-time orb?); 67- Uncle ___; Ebsen on the "The Beverly Hillbillies"; 68- Sibilant "Over here!"; 69- Temporary stoppage of breathing during sleep;
1- Kaplan who played Mr. Kotter; 2- WWII general Bradley; 3- TV comic Roseanne; 4- Jailbird; 5- Walk, trot, pace, etc.; 6- Taylor who played Cleo; 7- Off-roaders' rides, for short; 8- Translucent Apple model; 9- Encouraging cheers; 10- The 'S' of GPS: Abbr.; 11- Oatmeal bath brand; 12- Earn $200 in Monopoly; 13- Northern Irish province or county in New York State; 18- Popular fitness program created by Billy Blanks; 22- Married; 25- Ore finds (or a phlebotomist's targets); 26- Words from sponsors; 27- US spy org.; 28- She's the one in charge: Abbr.; 30- "Go fly ___, Charlie Brown"; 31- Provide a new soundtrack for; 32- Topper for a beauty queen; 34- Atkins and Huntley; 36- Vaulted recesses of churches (Anagram of PASSE); 39- Sweetheart, in modern lingo; 40- Woman of Eden; 41- Word in Spanish place names; 43- Rappers and poets, say; 44- Luca ___, "The Godfather" henchman who "sleeps with the fishes"; 46- Sandwich fully fillable by Smucker's products; 47- Seductive power; 48- Filled in for a regular; 49- Waitress on roller skates (who doesn't move like a kangaroo despite the name); 52- System of beliefs that sounds like a puppy's parent?; 55- Summers: Fr; 56- What one might do on a beach during 55D; 58- Very dark, to poets (Anagram of BONE); 59- With a sound mind; 60- ___ sample of (taste); 62- Vermont harvest; 63- Beret or Fez;