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Print Puzzle - "Tender Hues" by Barb Olson on 3/13/2024
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1- Closing credits list; 5- Explorers John and son Sebastian; 11- Food and cosmetic preservative: Abbr.; 14- Shepherd's serving, maybe; 15- Wrinkle remover; 16- Fish that can swim backwards; 17- 2021 Grey Cup winners; 19- Whiskered video star, often; 20- "Two ___ Half Men"; 21- Yvette's yeses; 22- Shop-talk topic; 23- "I have a dream" monogram; 24- Overly ornate writing; 27- Uplifting garage gear?; 29- He's living the good life; 30- Fun run distance, maybe; 31- Result of pulling the goalie, in hockey; 36- Blended veggie beverage; 40- Grisham book-turned Cruise movie; 41- Actress Stone or Hunter; 43- 2250 in Roman numerals; 46- Swan around nonchalantly; 48- Distraction ploys; 53- Bad turn, often?; 54- Namesake of a New York parade; 55- ___ grievance (complain); 56- ___-Ration (14-Across alternative); 58- Lead-in to tear or tangent; 59- Lunchroom eater, say; 62- Suffix with Québéc; 63- Try calling again; 64- Hockey players Bobby and Colton; 65- Born, in "la belle province"; 66- Sort of, after "in"; 67- Part of iOS: Abbr.;
1- Zin alternative; 2- This whole time; 3- Showing more zest; 4- Sticky-___ lizard; 5- Corp. tech expert; 6- Knight's "shining" gear, to an American; 7- Pop to the surface, as a cork; 8- Ninja Turtles' ally April ___; 9- Short and to the point; 10- CARP mems.; 11- "Act natural, dude"; 12- It may be headed for the grave; 13- Space bar neighbour; 18- Saint John was one: Abbr.; 22- Twists about, as in pain; 23- Unit now called a siemens; 25- Quebec singer Michael Pagliaro's "Give ___ More Chance"; 26- ___- à-manger (ready-to-eat); 28- Somewhat shoddy, in today's talk; 32- Meas. of pressure; 33- U2 record label; 34- Neither mate; 35- Chinese menu assurance; 37- Jennifer of "Fifty Shades of Grey"; 38- Complaint quelled by a snack; 39- Live correspondents, maybe?; 42- Yeoman's "yes"; 43- Nighttime orb, in a kid's song; 44- Nasty name-caller, say; 45- Music holder in a tower; 47- "___ silly question, ..."; 49- Red choices at a steakhouse; 50- ___ Janeiro, Brazil; 51- "Rich Man, Poor Man" writer Shaw; 52- Grandmothers, in babytalk; 57- Self centres; 59- Underwear with an underwire; 60- Wheat: Fr.; 61- They come before U;