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Print Puzzle - "Stick With It" by Barb Olson on 3/4/2024
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1- Neck irritant on a shirt, maybe; 4- How Rome wasn't built, it's said; 10- HIV cousin; 14- Woman, of "Woman"; 15- Uncelebrated one; 16- Rochester's fictional love; 17- The Red Cross or CARE Canada, e.g.; 18- Carrying a "piece"; 20- Monsieur's enthusiastic assent; 22- Ont. capital and environs; 23- Take a load off; 24- Lightning event; 28- U.S. political cartoonist; 29- Ph.D. precursors; 30- Ukrainian singer who covered "My Heart Will Go On"; 31- Gynecologist played by Richard Gere; 32- Maker of Eau Sauvage; 34- The face of Apple products?; 36- She's her little rink star's biggest fan; 38- Equal number of; 41- Word with pump or bump; 42- Leader of the pack?; 45- Laurel or Lee; 46- "Fin de semaine" follower: Abbr.; 47- "Not now but right now!"; 48- Precision bombings; 53- Verbal reaction to Slime; 54- ___ de plume; 55- All-out effort; 56- Soup with lamb and barley; 60- Point de ___ (French "opinion"); 61- Soldier's stint; 62- Makes a contribution; 63- ___ tu (opera title meaning "it was you"); 64- The Concorde, et al.; 65- Take a sledge hammer to, maybe; 66- Wasn't colourfast;
1- Non-stop; 2- Sharp-boned, as a jaw; 3- Most like Slime; 4- One's two cents; 5- Reason to surface, maybe; 6- Org. led by Mandela; 7- S. or N. state; 8- Guatemalan gal pals; 9- Title boy played by Streisand; 10- Sarcastic chuckle; 11- Rusty car collection, to some; 12- Grande ___, Alberta; 13- NHL commissioner Gary; 19- Hoot; 21- Tenth of twelve: Abbr.; 25- Bored reply to "how ya doin'?"; 26- Cautious; 27- School year division; 32- Highest offer?; 33- Like a luge track; 34- Texting system, for short; 35- Rollaway bed; 36- Be put on the line, say; 37- White parts of tai chi symbols; 38- Sets up a goal; 39- Gritty wall sidings; 40- Establish the boundaries of, as property; 42- Invite to drop by; 43- Break for Byron; 44- Puerto Rican Sweathog; 46- Inverted V-shaped Greek letter; 47- Rival of Colgate and Crest; 49- "Monsters, ___"; 50- Roomie; 51- Little Ritchie's "___ Frutti"; 52- P.M's title of respect; 57- R.R. vehicles; 58- Highways and byways: Abbr.; 59- ___ Kosh B'Gosh;