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Print Puzzle - "Pardon M'Eye Puns" by Barb Olson on 2/25/2024
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1- Helped hatch a heist; 8- Brew finisher?; 11- Paul, John, George, but not Ringo: Abbr.; 14- Battlefield hideout; 15- Toronto's "Steal My Sunshine" duo; 16- Twice LI; 17- Optometrists' clubs?; 19- 180° from WSW; 20- Stravinsky or Larionov; 21- Whiner's wish, maybe; 22- Sodium abbrs.; 23- ___ Tin Tin; 24- Item on an optometrist's task list?; 28- Ancient courier's delivery; 30- Online reference bested by Wikipedia; 31- Rotgut wine; 33- Jacob who exposed American poverty; 34- Optometrist's specialty?; 39- Comedian Thomas of Bob & Doug McKenzie; 40- Open a ___ worms; 41- Polar coverings; 45- Filled with four-letter words; 49- Reason to visit an optometrist?; 51- Shorten blades; 52- Where lost letters go: Abbr.; 53- Spanish "those"; 54- Mystical air; 55- Tiny river isle; 56- Major repair job for an optometrist?; 60- George Thorogood song "That's ___ Quit"; 61- King in a Steve Martin schtick; 62- Important way to be, for Wilde; 63- Big paper in the Big Apple: Abbr.; 64- Wired worker; 65- Zingy comeback;
1- Verify as true; 2- Get down on the dance floor; 3- They're out of pens?; 4- Hump day follower: Abbr.; 5- Lean-___ (sheds); 6- '50s film actress Taina; 7- ___ Spiegel (paper that translates to "The Mirror"); 8- Gold miner's water trough; 9- Persevered; 10- Performing harmoniously; 11- Word after "worst case"; 12- "Tough-actin" anti-fungal brand; 13- Sonora snorefests?; 18- Lift the lid, poetically; 24- West Edmonton ___ (Alberta attraction); 25- "Hallelujah, there is ___!"; 26- Bingo-like lotto; 27- Cross-border trade tax; 29- Throne ___ (Parliament opener); 32- The Colonel's chain; 34- Building for a specific use, as a gym; 35- Penny-dropping cry; 36- Puff on a pen; 37- About, in a memo; 38- In an eternity, to a kid; 39- Regard with contempt; 42- Trials creating mushroom clouds; 43- Trudeau did a one-armed one; 44- Feeling better?; 46- Gives a giggle; 47- What the wicked get, it's said; 48- Computer trash; 50- Fast flyer across the pond: Abbr.; 54- ___ other (one-of-a-kind); 57- Cologne's ctry.; 58- China's Chou En-___; 59- Renowned Dadaist Jean;