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Print Puzzle - "Big Money" by Dean Rockett on 1/23/2006
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6- Flashlights; 7- Verses; 9- Currency unit of Spain, Portugal and France, among others; 10- Faster than the speed of sound; 11- Fought like Hulk Hogan; 13- Currency unit of USA; 15- National bird of New Zealand; 17- Currency unit of Great Britain; 18- Currency unit of Thailand; 19- Currency unit of Israel; 20- Island in the Indian Ocean - its capital city is Colombo; 23- Olympic field event; 26- Type of golf club, often numbered 1-9; 27- One of the senses; 28- Throw into confusion, make insane;
1- Preferred transport method for a witch; 2- Woodworking tool; 3- As soon as possible, in abbreviated form; 4- Given a better seat or room at no extra cost; 5- City in Nevada - REM made a song called "All The Way To ___"; 6- Less false; 8- Popeye's favorite food; 12- Percussion instruments; 14- Bibliothecs; 16- Acquire, often due to the death of a relative; 17- Thief, pickpocket; 21- Opposite of export; 22- Currency unit of Denmark; 24- Currency unit of Argentina; 25- Cancel, untie;