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Print Puzzle - "Somebody Stop Me" by Dean Rockett on 1/22/2006
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1- Aircraft driver; 4- South American region, famous for its nature reserves; 9- Bony structure which protects the internal organs; 10- Put into print; 11- Church table; 13- Work for, tennis shot; 15- Belonging to us; 16- Paddle; 17- Well-known internet provider, savage in "Gulliver's Travels"; 19- Beverage; 21- Middle Eastern country bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia; 23- A grown-up lamb; 24- Help; 25- Spoil; 26- Dangerously overweight; 28- The Queen of Disco, ___ Summer; 29- Coach, person in charge; 31- Exercise in which the body is lifted by the arms; 33- Unusually; 34- Prize;
1- Torment; 2- Crustacean; 3- Drink that can be served hot or iced; 4- Push; 5- Bonus payment given for good service; 6- Clark ___, star of "Gone With The Wind"; 7- Capital city of Kenya; 8- Detest; 12- Synthetic fabric; 14- ___ Island, tiny New England state; 18- "Less ___, more speed", proverb; 19- Fooled; 20- Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson; 22- Sailor; 24- Memory loss; 25- Illness which causes the parotid glands to swell; 26- The heart is one, as is the liver; 27- Not full; 30- "The Catcher In The ___", novel by Salinger; 32- ___ Peron was known as Evita;