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Print Puzzle - "Going Green" by Gene Antonio on 2/17/2024
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1- A ___ (exhaustive); 4- It may involve a note; 10- Dog food brand; 14- Docs. org.; 15- They save trees; 16- Hip bones; 17- It comes before lolly; 18- It's green; 20- Camp letters; 21- Lamb output; 22- Extreme; 23- Station: French; 25- ___ baby; 26- More green; 31- "Doo" follower in "Camptown Races"; 34- Mixed bags; 35- Opening word of a Bernard Shaw comedy; 36- End of a compulsion?; 37- You can sense it; 38- Sub; 39- Mother of Horus in Egyptian myth; 40- Sup; 41- Like a done deal (with "up"); 42- Countertenors; 43- "I told you!"; 44- And more green; 46- Part of mph; 47- French tennis pro Monfils; 48- Constitutional; 51- Bar order (with "the"); 54- Ford letters; 57- Also green; 59- Palindrome within a well-known palindrome; 60- Give out; 61- Soft, sheer fabrics; 62- Wish undone; 63- They may be taken for a ride; 64- "All ___" (Robert Redford film); 65- ___ darn tootin';
1- It comes before turkey or radio; 2- Novel subtitled "A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas"; 3- Italian dessert; 4- Venerates; 5- One using cruelty to control another; 6- U.S.-based outdoor education sch.; 7- Music genre related to calypso; 8- Sign off on; 9- Microsoft web portal; 10- Beaut; 11- Plenty; 12- Famous Christian; 13- She played Kate on "Family"; 19- Deformed tree growth; 24- Antecedently; 25- Given a part; 26- Services's partner; 27- It brings back memories; 28- Cavalry weapon; 29- Raises; 30- Muscat native; 31- Spirited place?; 32- Proposition regarded as self-evidently true; 33- State in the center of Germany; 36- Pierre's daughter; 38- Word with name or friendly; 42- End for a psycho?; 44- British noble; 45- Plants used in desert landscaping; 46- They're found in books; 48- They may be high, or low, or both; 49- 11 West 53rd. St., NY, NY; 50- Spot on a radar screen; 51- Weather balloons?; 52- One of Scotland's State islands; 53- U.N. geographical location code scheme; 55- Faithful; 56- Some browsers; 58- Relating to eggs: combining form;