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Print Puzzle - "Mine All Mine" by Barb Olson on 2/16/2024
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1- Event with a gavel and a gown; 6- ___'s apple; 10- Egg collector's destination; 14- First word at a meeting?; 15- Orange/yellow flowers; 17- Environs; 18- Pre-prepped, as TV dinners; 19- Image in a miner's dream?; 21- Suffix with chlor- and fluor-; 22- Seeks damages from; 23- Trigonometry function; 27- Tiny river isle; 28- Small head?; 29- Streaking or planking, e.g.; 30- Mining an ore site with a partner?; 34- Fill to the gills; 36- Played the first card; 37- The "A" of 25-Down; 38- Is familiar with a rock boring tool?; 43- With one flat, musically; 44- Three letters?; 45- Last card in a solitaire column; 46- Firefox alternative; 48- Wizened; 50- Identifying as one's birth gender; 53- What the dynamite crew is doing at the mine?; 56- Unlikely reply to "Let's jump off the cliff and see if we can fly"; 59- ___ grievance (gripes); 60- Transferred, as cargo to a dock; 61- Tile gap goo; 62- Hissed "hey!"; 63- Team's disappointment; 64- Inventory data;
1- "Not ___ care"; 2- Between-seasons show; 3- Actress Graff or Kristen; 4- With 28-Down, "Shane" star; 5- Flips out; 6- "Get ___ on!" (words to a dawdler); 7- Lasagna-loving cat creator; 8- Bellicose Greek god; 9- Handheld film recorder; 10- Filmmaking brothers; 11- Joky suffix with "pay"; 12- Unusual; 13- "Gangnam Style" rapper; 16- Tongue and ___ wood siding; 20- Certain Protestant: Abbr.; 24- Beatles hit "If ___"; 25- Trade sch. in Edmonton; 26- 11th most popular girl's name in 1898; 27- Give ___ look to (renovate, say); 28- See 4-Down; 30- Words after call or knock; 31- Grade school gamut; 32- "I told you!"; 33- ___ of tears; 34- Buys with boots and bindings; 35- Tolstoy's Karenina; 39- Upper air level, with -sphere; 40- Like verbal fluff; 41- ___ avis (one-of-a-kind sort); 42- They might make cooler heads?; 47- Come to ___ (stop short); 48- Old-time daggers; 49- "Zooks!" cousin; 50- Ear-tugging Burnett; 51- News publisher's output; 52- Sports figures?; 54- "___ Anything"("Oliver!" song); 55- Vatican coin, once; 56- Republicans nickname, for short; 57- Some MLB positions; 58- Flunking grades;