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Print Puzzle - "Si Si" by Steve Faiella on 2/9/2024
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1- "You ___?" (Lurch's question); 5- 18 wheeler, for short; 9- Break into smithereens; 14- Whiz at tennis serves; 15- Income tax experts: Abbr.; 16- Dance done around a beer barrel; 17- "And ___ word from our sponsor"; 18- Puts on TV or Radio; 19- English class assignment; 20- Breakfast cereal for borrowers?; 23- Ant or beetle (or 57A!); 24- Favorable vote; 25- Pod vegetable; 28- Summer hours in CT; 29- Fair hiring inits; 31- 60s singer Bobby, and the name of the school in "Grease"; 34- Class on getting your friends to let you sleep on their couch?; 37- Pet protection org.; 41- Wearable vacation souvenir; 42- Showers affection (on); 43- Blockhead's collection of coins?; 46- "Say it ___, Joe!" (that can't be true!); 47- Our sun's name; 48- Back of a boat; 51- Ballpoint filler; 52- 33 1/3 r.p.m discs: Abbr.; 55- Legal ___ (cold, hard cash); 57- Like baby Wednesday or Pugsley of the Addams Family?; 60- Monetary worth; 63- Biblical arc builder; 64- Actor Mineo, or the pizzeria from "Do the Right Thing"; 65- Love to bits; 66- "Pinta" partner; 67- Easy running gait; 68- Beachgoer's linen; 69- Moose cousins; 70- Trees used for archery bows;
1- Like too-old butter or bad milk; 2- "From little ___, mighty oaks grow"; 3- Latest and greatest; 4- Report card datum; 5- Strew randomly around, as to the winds; 6- "___ fail" (that did not go well AT ALL); 7- Get hitched; 8- Magazine edition number; 9- Design detail or technical stat; 10- Pit at a rock concert; 11- Capone and Pacino; 12- Musical cousin of reggae; 13- Bale in a barn; 21- "The polar ___" (global warming concerns); 22- Drug bust cop; 25- Full of pep, and the name of a shampoo since 1980; 26- "Or ___!" (end of a parental warning); 27- Brewpub pints; 30- Solemn promise; 32- Singer on a Swiss mountaintop, for example; 33- Batman and Robin are a "dynamic" one; 35- Adriatic or Aegean; 36- Coop gals; 37- Smoothie "superfruit"; 38- Knee/ankle connector; 39- Young hoodlum; 40- Cable channel with LeAnn Rimes and Kenny Chesney, among others: Abbr.; 44- "Merry Old" king of rhyme; 45- "I tricked you!!" situations that are often humorous for the trickster; 48- Unwanted software that fills your screen with pop-ups; 49- Guy or chap; 50- Secret lover's meetings; 53- Tube shaped pasta; 54- Go bad; 56- Mean spirited; 57- Medical remedy; 58- Fishing rod attachment; 59- Person from "up nawth"; 60- Brewery tank, or European usage tax; 61- "Much ___ about nothing" (Shakespeare title); 62- Close to the ground;