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Print Puzzle - "Measure for Measure" by Barb Olson on 2/7/2024
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1- Put ___ on (limit); 5- Needing more dryer time; 9- R&B superstar with a 3-octave range; 14- "___-Team" (24-Down's show); 15- Poetry slam format; 16- Who is above the law, per Roosevelt; 17- "Your World Awaits" carrier; 19- Runs out quickly; 20- Distance equalling .9144 metre in Glasgow?; 22- Indenting tool in Word; 23- Amin played by Forest Whitaker; 24- Part of M.P.: Abbr.; 27- "... sesame seed bun"; 28- Temperature denoting one above zero?; 32- Townshend of The Who; 34- Chill in the air; 35- "Absotively"; 36- Weights at Best in Show?; 40- Heaps; 43- Best, or worst rating; 44- ___ Lap (famous racehorse); 48- Speed units on cruises for little old ladies?; 52- Disney's "The Owl House" Clawthorne; 53- Key out; 54- Political Red Chamber mem.; 55- One with a fitting job; 57- Group of twenty Broadway shows?; 60- Impede, with "the works"; 63- Going poof in a magic show, maybe; 64- Don't use cursive; 65- College attended by James Bond; 66- "... against ___ of troubles": "Hamlet"; 67- Warped weirdo; 68- Dance partner?; 69- TV's Baxter and Lasso;
1- No longer moving; 2- Win through deceit; 3- Pilot in the Snowbirds, e.g.; 4- Post-war agreements; 5- Supporting a GoFundMe; 6- Irish "fisherman's" sweater; 7- Anti-"one for the road" grp.; 8- Famed "Casablanca" request; 9- Give the boot on Facebook; 10- Good sign to a realtor; 11- Sod buster; 12- Toronto-to-Ottawa dir.; 13- Landline no., often; 18- Hebrew A: Var.; 21- Put in; 24- See 14-Across; 25- Common Mkt., previously; 26- Unenthused assessment; 29- Actor Torn; 30- Spaghetti twirling utensil; 31- Sound of a new jogger; 33- Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie"; 37- Admits being guilty of; 38- Card game cry; 39- Getting under one's skin; 40- Number of fingers, to a toddler; 41- Abbrs. in family-owned businesses; 42- ___ Saint-Jean, Qu├ębec; 45- Columnist who dropped a lot of hints; 46- Decked out; 47- It's "noble" on the periodic table; 49- Odd word to say with a head shake; 50- Utensils to the right of plates; 51- Cheek or lip; 56- WhatsApp forerunner; 57- Toronto's ___ School of Global Affairs; 58- "The Censor" of Ancient Rome; 59- Author of "Never be afraid to tell the world who you are": Abbr.; 60- It'll tell you where to go; 61- "Mind Medicine" author Geller; 62- Karaoke need;