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Print Puzzle - "Raining Down Happiness" by Steve Faiella on 2/1/2024
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1- Golf hole goal; 4- Get satisfaction from; 9- Take suddenly (and rudely!); 13- "___ and away, in my beautiful balloon" (5th Dimension lyrics); 15- Relaxed, as with rules; 16- In ___ land (spaced out); 17- Took a spill; 18- Serious criminal; 19- "Famous" cookie maker; 20- Ability to choose without restraint; 22- As of now; 24- Get an ___ (do really well on, as a test); 25- Baker's dough raiser; 27- Vigorous, as a walk; 30- British sports cars of old; 31- Hang in midair, without wires or support; 35- City surrounding The Vatican; 36- Cruise ship stops; 38- Angelic headgear; 39- Like two peas in ___; 40- Porterhouse or T-bone; 41- Fitzgerald of jazz; 42- ___ cava (blood vessel to the heart); 43- Religious devotion; 44- Gung-ho, as a fan might be; 45- Wipe clean; 47- "Three Dog Night" claims it's the loneliest number; 48- Important bridal purchase; 49- Pitchfork point; 51- Nonhuman e-mail spam producer; 52- Real; 55- "Let me give you a hand"; 60- Hired thug (or Alice from "Popeye" cartoons); 61- Country where you'll find 35A; 63- Burn soothing plant based substance; 64- On a grand scale, as a film; 65- Change of ___ (jury trial request); 66- Makes someone else "It", in a kids game; 67- Brother of Cain and Abel; 68- Send in a potential sweepstakes winner; 69- Word after waste and want in an old adage;
1- Bit of smoke, or a magic dragon!; 2- Gorilla who imitates?; 3- Render a verdict; 4- Like Keebler cookie makers; 5- Humorous playwright Coward; 6- "Ho, ho, ho!" speaker; 7- Bear (like a Mexican Grizzly) (sp.); 8- "Fiddler on the Roof" matchmaker; 9- "I'm SO relieved to get that news!!"; 10- ___ Lama Ding Dong (doo-wop hit); 11- Loads and loads; 12- Military headquarters; 14- Absolutely delighted; 21- Pan in Chinese cooking; 23- ___ Kosh B'Gosh; 26- Fancy home and grounds; 27- Full of courage; 28- Lasso wielder (and "Three's Company" landlord!); 29- ___ roll! (can't lose!); 30- It's sometimes seconded at meetings; 32- It's capped on a tire; 33- Historic immigration island; 34- Highways and byways; 36- Sony handheld gaming device: Abbr.; 37- Cloud locale; 46- Time in history; 48- Comedian Rickles; 50- Martini garnish; 51- Big name in aspirin; 52- "Haven't seen you in ___!" (it's been a long time!); 53- Deal with difficult times; 54- "Nothin' ___, 'cept to do it!"; 56- You're reading one right now!; 57- Passion (anagram of LANE); 58- Like the CBS eye or the GE meatball; 59- Pain in the neck; 62- Perfect score (and Bo Derek film!);