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Print Puzzle - "Make a Break For It" by Barb Olson on 1/29/2024
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1- Learning basics; 5- Paul's musical partner; 8- With 56-Across, digital printing process, or what's depicted in 18-, 24-, 39- and 50-Across; 14- Work-related move; 15- Glop; 16- Spark, as suspicion; 17- Very "pick me, pick me!"; 18- Beyond cell service area; 20- ___ A (post-seminar exchange); 22- Groening character with a broom moustache; 23- Fish and chips fish; 24- Like the basics; 29- Unleashes a tirade on; 30- Like a pin, in a simile; 31- Spanish cheers; 32- On track syst.; 34- Hadn't bought outright; 38- P.M.s, in classifieds; 39- Guys' night out; 41- Green toast topper, for short; 42- Attend unattended; 44- Poli-___; 45- Pre-teen school yrs.; 46- Homophone of use and ewes; 48- Way to stand in the Canadian anthem; 50- Groom's partner, jokingly; 52- "Not ___ can help it!"; 54- Be possessive?; 55- Alone: Comb. form; 56- See 8-Across; 61- Abodes, slangily; 63- Took out of a bank, in a way; 64- Lanka lead-in; 65- Fail to mention; 66- Donates funds to, as a college; 67- TV buyer's channel?; 68- Liverwurst spread;
1- Ten Commandments chest; 2- Have the same value as; 3- Lack of uncertainty; 4- Poems ending in a rhyming couplet; 5- Back then; 6- Second part of a bout; 7- Airplane carry-ons; 8- Half-___ (less jitter-inducing java); 9- "Bobby: My Story in Pictures" memoirist; 10- Mauna ___ (Earth's largest volcano); 11- Preventative measure?; 12- "Let ___ then, you and I ...": T.S. Eliot; 13- Instrument insertion made of cane; 19- Viking war god; 21- Marx's "___ Kapital"; 24- Plug-in point; 25- Vancouver's Second ___ Bridge; 26- Cat calling?; 27- One in a chess octet; 28- 4G wireless letters; 33- 3-ft. lengths; 35- "My religion is kindness" speaker; 36- Took things too far; 37- Words with guerre or plume; 39- Chicken cordon ___; 40- Carroll and Sinéad; 43- Castor or Standard, in a comic strip; 45- Genre of ABBA and the Spice Girls; 47- Unfixable; 49- "Pygmalion" writer's monogram; 50- It stands on its own two feet; 51- "Yeah, if only"; 52- Understanding words; 53- "Charlotte's Web" girl; 57- Fuss, in a Shakespeare title; 58- Tape recorder's "go back"; 59- Lifeblood of many newspapers; 60- Early erotica writer Anaïs; 62- Quebec town ___-Julie, known for its fudge;