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Print Puzzle - "More Round Trips" by Steve Leach on 1/28/2024
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1- Iditarod ride; 5- UK network; 8- "It's ___ against time"; 13- Candle-like; 14- Home of Honolulu; 16- Home of Kathmandu; 17- Not fer; 18- Horse coloration; 19- "Gotta go!"; 20- Ohio city named for sister city in Spain to British port with a sister city in Connecticut; 23- Garden implement; 24- Vowel request for Vanna; 25- Words said while pointing at a deli case; 28- "Let's ___ a high note!"; 30- Belle's suitor; 32- Austrian painter Schiele; 33- 1963 Paul Newman/Patricia Neal Western; 35- Johnson of "Laugh-In"; 37- Wrath; 38- 2nd-largest German city to home of Duke U; 42- Coop resident; 43- Last Hebrew month; 44- Former amateur; 45- Mideast leader; 47- Pre-owned; 49- Separately; 53- Blinks of an eye; 55- Approx.; 57- Feel sorry about; 58- Disneyland locale to Cuban capital; 61- Catchers' gloves; 63- Peter, Paul, & Mary, e.g.; 64- Kimono sashes; 65- Skirt fold; 66- Just okay; 67- Fork part; 68- Pious; 69- Word with fish- or drag-; 70- Pittsburgh-to-Philadelphia direction;
1- Envelop; 2- Black body of water a movie creature lurked in; 3- Sent away, say, to Elba; 4- Unit of force; 5- B, on the periodic table; 6- Broad-trunked African tree; 7- Burn a little; 8- Maria's "West Side Story" friend; 9- Out-of-the-way; 10- Formal defense of an opinion; 11- What Sanka's missing, for short; 12- North Pole helper; 15- Dancer's one-piece garment; 21- "The Blue ___": Strauss; 22- "Be quiet!"; 26- "Cheers" barfly; 27- Opp. of WSW; 29- Unit of resistance; 31- Two under par; 34- Minnesota city on Lake Superior; 36- Printing mistakes; 38- Blood (prefix); 39- Like a Pixar movie; 40- Some potatoes; 41- IPA bittering unit; 42- Skirt edge; 46- Tux, often; 48- Downfall; 50- Saudi ___; 51- Confrontations; 52- Cups, saucers, and a pot; 54- Foul; 56- Edible bamboo part; 59- Fe, on the periodic table; 60- Submit a ballot; 61- No. that is higher for a Prius than a Hummer; 62- U.N. workers' group;