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Print Puzzle - "Pack It In" by Steve Faiella on 1/23/2024
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1- Molecular particles; 6- "I welcome your questions! Just ___"; 11- Uncle in Mexico; 14- Biblical mount; 15- The "M" of MTV; 16- Curved shape; 17- Shift the blame to someone else; 19- Extinct cousin of the ostrich; 20- Ball-on-the-nose balancer in the circus; 21- Holy books of Islam; 23- "Cellophane" office supply; 26- Military assault; 29- Canal across New York; 30- E.T.'s transport; 31- "Hey! so you want to see this quarter disappear?", maybe; 33- Back to ___ (let's make this really simple); 36- Name of a WWII riveter and the Jetson's robot maid; 37- Boxing match venue; 38- Julius Caesar's language; 42- Genetic attribute, like blue eyes; 46- Entice, often romantically; 47- Local delivery vehicle; 51- Propel a canoe; 52- "Ding dong!" cosmetics company; 53- Competitor of 52A (It starts with the same letter!); 54- Traveler's country lodgings; 55- "Camptown ladies sing this song, ___" (nonsense word repeated twice); 57- Computer junk mail or yummy canned pork; 59- "The butler ___ it!" (traditional murder mystery accusation); 60- Treat some friends to dinner, maybe; 66- "Bad" cholesterol, for short; 67- Not at all enthusiastic (from the French); 68- Spanish squiggle punctuation mark; 69- Point opposite WNW; 70- Hits the brakes; 71- Like a hot curry;
1- Cleopatra's serpent; 2- Aunt in Mexico (and wife of 11A); 3- Carry-___ (overhead bin bags); 4- En ___ (as a large group or crowd); 5- Web browsing destination; 6- Aviatrix Earhart; 7- Undersea vessel; 8- Sch. located about 60 miles from Topeka; 9- Actor Rooney, and a big-eared mouse; 10- Fashion designer Marc whose clothes sport a rhinoceros logo (Anagram of COKE); 11- Wheat-free soy sauce; 12- Like a firehouse burning down? (In an Alanis Morrissette way?); 13- Ric of "The Cars"; 18- Lock fasteners; 22- Double-check for typos, say; 23- Big bass instrument; 24- Many miles away, quaintly; 25- Arrange, as people for a photo; 27- Make a goof; 28- Classic Pontiac muscle car of the '60s: Abbr.; 32- Scrabble square; 34- Have a plan (to); 35- Sagan who hosted "Cosmos", or actor Reiner; 39- Rotate, as the world; 40- Clickable screen symbol; 41- The latest happenings; 43- Stopped, usually temporarily; 44- Dublin's country, for short; 45- Chewy antacid tablet; 46- Video chat app owned by Microsoft; 47- Ping-pong player's need; 48- Keeps away from; 49- Chicken ___ soup (Mom's remedy for a cold, often); 50- Redeems, as a bank check; 54- Beatnik's "Got it, man!"; 56- "Be on the lookout" alerts, for short; 58- Performs on stage; 61- NBA All-Star Ming from China; 62- Recipe measure: Abbr.; 63- Cotton-gin inventor Whitney; 64- Atlanta based federal health org.; 65- Item often kept on a chain;