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Print Puzzle - "Four More Colors" by Gene Antonio on 1/22/2024
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1- Basic; 5- Animal coat color; 9- Hurt; 13- St. John's follower?; 14- Tennessee pol Kefauver; 16- Continental divide river; 17- Follower of chick or shiv; 18- Storage area, often; 19- Participates in a kind of "war"; 20- Fairy tale attire, or Marxist mobster in a getaway car; 23- Having diminutive grace; 24- Joint; 25- Nice summer; 28- Jet letters; 29- Marlene Dietrich's character in "The Blue Angel"; 32- Adjusted fire on a target (with "in"); 34- Brainy lady, or one of a worn pair?; 36- Swiss river; 39- Zeta, ___, theta; 40- Like many shoppes; 41- Vegan suppliers, or novice dealers in food stuffs?; 46- One who eliminates a nuisance; 47- Former Cowboy QB Tony; 48- Chaney or Taylor; 51- Leary's Rx; 52- "O, you must wear your ___ ...": Ophelia; 54- Resembling a certain genre of music; 56- Future fruit, or special train?; 60- Took a dive; 62- Shopworn; 63- Hindu concept of self; 64- Word with house or minded; 65- Blood component; 66- Bee follower?; 67- Shopping site; 68- Hardy heroine; 69- Letter R in Spanish;
1- Prizes; 2- Greek god of the north wind; 3- Kind of score; 4- Rigid; 5- "___ loud and clear"; 6- Dept. of Energy research component; 7- Memo heading; 8- Stall sound; 9- Wheels; 10- Tanker cargo; 11- Crone; 12- Loop movers; 15- Crazy; 21- ___ have to do; 22- It's big in 10-Down; 26- Care for; 27- Advantage; 30- Ogle; 31- Wealthy John Jacob; 33- Many notable films of the 1930s and '40s; 34- Beta vulgaris for dinner; 35- Folded food; 36- "... ___ in Kalamazoo"; 37- Class of blood pressure lowering meds, initially; 38- Do an editing job; 42- Ibsen heroine; 43- Some soldiers, in Army slang; 44- Objects representing concepts; 45- Hershey candy; 48- First name of Earl Scruggs' partner; 49- Type of molecule, in chemistry; 50- Enzyme complex in yeasts; 53- Everglades sight; 55- Generally accepted practice; 57- Torn; 58- Hibernia; 59- Measures of heat; 60- End for a star?; 61- ___-locka, Florida;