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Print Puzzle - "Peanut Gallery" by Sam Brody on 1/20/2024
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1- Grows older; 5- Reading on a dashboard: Abbr.; 8- "High Voltage" band with an electric name; 12- The one with the security blanket; 14- ___ vera; 16- Dog biter; 17- Non-mainstream film; 18- Avian friend of 27A, or famous music festival of 1969; 20- Neighbor of the Simpsons; 22- Small songbird; 23- Brother of Larry and Curly; 24- The one who can't stay clean; 27- He fights the Red Baron from a rooftop; 29- Sprinted; 30- Word on a road sign; 32- Educational institution: Abbr.; 33- Options on tap; 35- Notable time period; 36- Collect; 40- Athletic tomboy whose full name is Patricia Reichardt; 44- Tribal symbol; 45- Flowery necklace; 46- Refusals in Germany; 47- Goal; 49- Q-tip, e.g.; 51- Wrath; 52- With 56A, the main character; 56- See 52A; 58- Batteries for a remote, perhaps; 59- Quaint lodgings for travelers; 61- Satisfied sigh; 62- Talented pianist and 74A's crush (his name starts with 32A); 65- Send to a specialist; 69- They can decide a boxing match: Abbr.; 70- Italian capital; 71- U.S. airline or Greek letter; 72- Peepers; 73- Triumph; 74- The bossy one who is an unreliable football holder;
1- Surname for boxer Muhammad or Laila; 2- ___ and tonic: classic cocktail; 3- Finale; 4- Taking to court; 5- Uncooked; 6- Till the field; 7- Ties up, as a ship; 8- Rearward, on a ship; 9- Walk noisily; 10- Duck hunter's lure; 11- Birthday party centerpiece; 13- Oozes; 15- Idyllic places; 19- Brand name for a candy with white sprinkles; 21- Discourage; 24- "Caveman" diet; 25- Clumsy; 26- Conventional behavior; 28- Disappointed exclamation; 29- In a trance; 31- They hold water; 34- Long, thin weapon; 37- Dined at home; 38- Mix; 39- "Auld Lang ___"; 41- Actor Estevez; 42- Novice, informally; 43- Jeweled headpiece; 48- Digger for coal; 50- Necessity for many games; 52- Social class; 53- ___ Sack (beanbag toy); 54- "There was an old lady who lived in ___"; 55- Fund, as a fellowship; 57- It's spun in a famous game show; 60- Big rig; 63- Blog feed letters; 64- Stimpy's friend; 66- Annual vaccine target; 67- And so on: Abbr.; 68- Beam;