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Print Puzzle - "Kitchen Party" by Barb Olson on 1/12/2024
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1- Top naval rank: Abbr.; 4- After-dinner retreat, maybe; 7- Ph.D. precursors; 10- Torn ___ (athlete's knee injury); 13- Alberta-to-Manitoba expanse; 15- To be discussed, and Rosemary Barton's segment on "The National"; 17- Swiss mountain dog; 18- Hates, hates, hates!; 19- Potent food for roma lovers?; 21- "... calls 'em ___ sees 'em"; 22- Williams who played Potsie on "Happy Days"; 23- Madrid Mmes.; 24- You can see right through it; 26- Part of a Robin Hood costume; 29- Ontario classical music grp.; 30- Potent food for spud lovers?; 34- Talk bull?; 35- CBC streaming channel; 36- Potent food for shallot lovers?; 43- Brandy label letters; 45- Get a grip of; 46- ___ out (parade for display); 47- See 32-Down; 49- Prague, in Prague; 52- Evidence of a crime, often; 53- Potent food for tiny herring lovers?; 57- "You done good, son!"; 58- Famous Venetian basilica; 60- Uncharged particle; 61- "The Great" Russian prince; 62- Benylin qty., maybe; 63- Ugly Tolkien beast; 64- Q-U connector; 65- Left of Lib.;
1- Police alert letters; 2- It has drawers for drawers; 3- Drink that may be dry; 4- ___ blank (gapped); 5- Iron, in Frankfurt; 6- Absolutely must; 7- Milanese "my lady"; 8- "Up 'n ___!"; 9- ___ spell (relax); 10- Arranges by type; 11- Button-like, in a simile; 12- To a smaller degree; 14- Having four sharps; 16- Backgrounds in theatre?; 20- Fervently talk up; 21- Title E.T. in an '80s sitcom; 25- Long hauler's rig; 27- Holly Cole's "Make ___ Away"; 28- "Fargo" director Ethan or Joel; 31- White-coat wearers, briefly; 32- Sack for 47-Across, in an idiom; 33- Give off; 36- Indicate a cloud, say; 37- Pretend to know the lyrics, maybe; 38- Pound of poetry or Levant of Rebel News; 39- Gendered letter opener; 40- Have dinner delivered; 41- Like studded tires; 42- ___-Puf (fabric softener); 43- Like a daydreamer's look; 44- Sudden onrushes; 48- Midge; 50- Sports bar wall hangings; 51- Shoot for; 54- Major river of Spain; 55- It might get into a jamb; 56- A Bobbsey twin; 59- Wine-tasting amount;