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Print Puzzle - "Keep It" by Barb Olson on 1/3/2024
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1- Tikkanen dubbed "The Grate One"; 4- Like French "le" nouns: Abbr.; 8- All elbows and thumbs; 14- Blanc of Bugs Bunny; 15- ___ of expertise; 16- Popular photo-sharing site; 17- Bank acct. bottom line; 18- Keep a ----- (stand guard attentively); 20- Common blood type: Abbr.; 22- "I've ___ bad feeling about this"; 23- Cheery-sounding wrap brand; 24- Keep a ----- (fly under the radar); 27- Award quartet, in show biz lingo; 29- Nighttime orb, in a kids' book; 30- Octave openers; 32- William who wrote "Shrek!"; 33- Dumbed down, maybe; 36- Dry, on a wine label; 37- Keep a ----- (stay calm); 40- Winnipeg NHLer; 43- Not yet dry, as glue; 44- Royally rips off; 48- Utterly unprecedented; 50- Microscopic, casually; 51- Erase, as a hard drive; 52- Keep a ----- (firmly control); 56- Unlikely word in a business letter closing; 58- Jack-in-the-pulpit plant family; 59- Bra brand; 60- Keep a ----- (use a tolerant tone); 63- iPhone carrier, initially; 64- "___ use a big, big D" ("Pinafore" captain's brag); 65- Twitter or tweet; 66- Line on a "carte" of Montréal; 67- Matches, grammatically; 68- TV's Baxter and Lasso; 69- Gold's max is 24;
1- Prepares for burial; 2- Coastal destination; 3- Cordial "I'll do that"; 4- Yawning yap; 5- Old kingdom in Spain's Pyrenees; 6- ___ circumstances; 7- Western movie flora, often; 8- Order to a dog on a sofa; 9- Chug-___ (guzzle); 10- Breadcrumbs in burger patties, say; 11- Earth's five freezing periods; 12- Blue Jays stadium now called Rogers Centre; 13- Realm of Otto the Great: Abbr.; 19- Evil sci-fi computer; 21- Too many cooks ___ the broth; 25- Choice when you're lost for words?; 26- Falco who played Carmela; 28- Quirky spasm; 31- "Juno and the Paycock" playwright Sean; 33- Little kiss, in Québécois; 34- High-pH compound: Abbr.; 35- Gun-___ (wary); 38- They can really hold their beer?; 39- Hawaiian "Tiny Bubbles" singer; 40- "American Dad!" Stan Smith's protrusion; 41- Sending a return with a click; 42- Upset the apple cart, maybe; 45- Just for a joke; 46- He's "buried in his jammies" in a Steve Martin song; 47- Tranquilizes; 49- Breath life back into; 50- Mountaineer Hillary; 53- Confucian principle; 54- Accounting firm ___ & Young; 55- Old toon pooch ___ Doggie; 57- Civil War Gen. Robert ___; 60- U.S. spy org.; 61- R.R. vehicles: Abbr.; 62- For-instances: Abbr.;