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Print Puzzle - "It's Hard to Find Good Help" by Barb Olson on 12/26/2023
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1- Kidnapper's demand; 7- Popular Hawaiian coffee; 11- Platters with a hole; 14- Return to original speed, in music; 15- "Everything's going great"; 17- The incompetent obstetrician ........; 19- TV's Spike, formerly; 20- Felt pen choices for rainbows; 21- Yukon's Saint ___ Mountains; 22- Canadian bubbly bar; 23- Non-kosher; 25- The incompetent pilot ........; 30- Either syllable sound in YouTube; 31- West end?; 32- "... in my bucket, dear ___"; 35- Z voiced by Woody Allen, for one; 36- Writer of odes; 40- Adele's first album, in Roman numerals; 41- Street child; 43- Pre-plasma screen; 44- Scooter's cleaner cousin; 46- The incompetent tailor ........; 50- It comes from the hoarse one's mouth; 51- Zilch, to Zola; 52- Fox's "SNL" kin; 55- Reason to wear a CPAP machine; 57- Nile slitherer; 60- The incompetent restaurant critic ........; 63- Provides with new shelter; 64- Formally cancel; 65- Pierre and Justin Trudeau: Abbr.; 66- Left on a ship; 67- Source of classified information?;
1- Rapids transit?; 2- Get ___ (sun oneself); 3- German opposite of "ja"; 4- Clothing size letters; 5- Became less guarded; 6- Contemporary; 7- Two-quark particle (anagram of 7-Across); 8- The grey-haired group; 9- N.Y. Mets' div.; 10- Like a fairy tale beauty awaiting a kiss; 11- ___-Strauss; 12- It might be guilty or innocent; 13- Mirror-system cameras; 16- Intentional; 18- Thomas the Tank Engine sound; 22- Math subj. with unknowns; 24- Quebec premier Lévesque, '76-85; 25- Fido's fingernail; 26- Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter; 27- Up to when; 28- Mick's band mate; 29- Elfin dust sprinkler; 33- Virus causing microcephaly; 34- Told to clean out one's desk; 37- Shoebox contents for a CPA: Abbr.; 38- Sketching or crafting supply; 39- Prepared leftovers, maybe; 42- Couple's table request; 45- Eye colour on a D.L.; 47- Sock away, as for retirement; 48- Cube maker Rubik; 49- ___ del Fuego, Argentina; 52- Figure on a car sticker; 53- Throat-clearing sound; 54- Forehead-slapper's cries; 56- Financial ___ (Ottawa paper); 57- Filming "Deadliest Catch," say; 58- Deer fellow; 59- Brazilian soccer great; 61- Esteemed mil. honour; 62- "There's an ___ for that" (2009 Apple tagline);