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Print Puzzle - "Hit It!" by Barb Olson on 12/18/2023
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1- Mountie's serge colour; 4- Equally enormous; 9- ___ door for (be polite, in a way); 14- Killer role for Sandra Oh?; 15- "Stellar," once; 16- Pandemic buzzword for "adapt"; 17- Loose-hanging frock of the '50s; 19- Live; 20- Elba, but not the island; 21- Pucker-inducing brew; 23- Bad ___ (inherently rotten kid); 24- Area with high growth potential?; 27- Blew up on Twitter; 29- Day care drop-off; 30- "There's the door!"; 31- Top-of-the-line recruits; 33- 10 ___ or less (express line sign); 35- Stain cleanser such as Shout; 38- Sudden cramp; 40- Lauren ___ of "The Love Boat"; 41- Cremains receptacle; 42- "You Send Me" singer Cooke; 45- As a replacement; 49- Cruise ship seating; 52- "It's about," in a memo; 53- Like a twinkly sky; 54- Condor's condo; 55- Home to Tahrir Square; 56- Bygone reporter with a loud voice; 59- Have as ___ (aim for); 60- Drink-dependent one, for short; 61- Key word in French?; 62- "Papa Can You Hear Me?" Streisand film; 63- Guesstimator's lead-in; 64- Pre-CIA spy agcy.;
1- Stand firmly against; 2- One getting around?; 3- Judicial order; 4- What &s replace; 5- Sunday delivery: Abbr.; 6- Casual lover?; 7- Ronstadt hit "___ Easy"; 8- Become less demanding; 9- Spy mission agents; 10- "Toy Story" studio; 11- Satanic sort; 12- Barely-visible biter; 13- LSAT taker, one day; 18- Snatches for a ransom; 22- Tognazzi of "La Cage aux Folles"; 24- Broadway show based on Puccini's "La Bohème"; 25- Fetid-sounding river; 26- P.M. times; 28- Continually read a depressing feed; 32- Prepare the dinner table; 34- More apt to snap; 35- Sever trade with as a penalty; 36- Golda who led the Knesset; 37- Trounces; 38- Montreal's Rive-___ (South Shore); 39- Foretell an event; 43- Calder Cup sports org.; 44- Tiki bar cocktail; 46- Italian inventor Fermi; 47- "The Little Mermaid: ___ Beginning"; 48- Well-known tractor brands; 50- Gold standard?; 51- "Hate to say ___ you so but ..."; 54- ___ Rowe, host of CBC Radio's "The Doc Project"; 55- Low, sandy island; 57- Yr.'s 52; 58- Actress Long or Vardalos;