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Print Puzzle - "Half-baked Baking" by Barb Olson on 12/10/2023
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1- Waistband measurement; 6- Visibly awestruck; 10- Photo shop drop-off, once; 14- Skylit courtyards; 15- Spin around its axis; 16- All is not ___ seems; 17- Ashram guru; 18- Movember growths; 20- Origami shaped like a fruit-filled pastry?; 22- Saskatoon-Regina dir.; 23- Spanish warrior El ___; 24- Casually contribute; 28- Soccer mom's ride, maybe; 29- Track Olympian Zatopek; 31- First lady?; 32- À la mode dessert that's past its expiry date?; 36- Cushioned coin collector; 37- History book section; 38- Nutritionist's concern; 39- Winner of the fruit loaf contest?; 44- Panic! At the Disco genre; 45- Strokes, or things stroked; 46- Leggs ladder; 47- QWERTY pro; 49- Term for a COVID-19 shot; 50- Possess, to Burns; 53- Heavy Sara Lee dessert for Fido?; 57- Its staff are at your fingertips?; 60- ___ the open (exposed); 61- Singer Murray, the pride of Springhill, Nova Scotia; 62- Atmospheric prefix with "sphere"; 63- Winged warblers; 64- Analogue watch part; 65- Contract vows to keep quiet: Abbr.; 66- Like Sheldon of "The Big Bang Theory";
1- Hornet-like insects; 2- First words of "A Tale of Two Cities"; 3- It hangs around a window shop; 4- Use a stop watch; 5- Sikh man's nono, bald man's non-need; 6- Equally bonkers; 7- Down in the mouth; 8- Give the boot; 9- Learn through Crime Stoppers, say; 10- World Almanac contents; 11- Slangy "or so"; 12- Be prone; 13- Logan and Denali: Abbr.; 19- ___ of the dice; 21- Mumbo jumbo; 25- Hue in Old West photos; 26- Vine-covered, as walls; 27- Nair rival, once; 28- Duel performance?; 29- Pulls in on the job; 30- PG-13 or R assigner; 32- Like first-class seating; 33- "King ___" (Michael Jackson); 34- "Swell!"; 35- Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie"; 36- Blue-penciled "leave it"; 40- Lhasa ___ (Tibetan terriers); 41- Bottom line profit; 42- Common muffin ingredient; 43- Post-workout massage; 48- Kept the car running; 49- Canada's Grammys; 50- Constant criticizer; 51- One of ___; 52- Tiny, to a tot; 54- Wade through mud, say; 55- Charlie Chaplin's wife or granddaughter; 56- Ailing patient's wish; 57- "Meh, don't think so"; 58- de Armas of "Knives Out"; 59- Biblical place with no room;