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Print Puzzle - "Going to the Togs" by Barb Olson on 11/26/2023
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1- Pink wine; 5- Vape pen, for short; 9- Human trunk; 14- Dark time, in Drummondville; 15- Auto parts chain with a yellow/blue logo; 16- Takes a shot; 17- Without thinking twice; 20- Prepare to store, as a cord; 21- Something to be gained by getting married; 22- Pretentiously posh; 25- -, on a batt.; 27- "Just ___ suspected"; 28- Thai-related language; 29- Simon's I.Q. testing partner; 31- Freedom Convoy city, 2022; 35- "Only ___ you say? Pity!" (Red Rose ad phrase); 37- Treatment for the touchy; 39- Question to a think tank; 42- Won't be fooled by; 46- Sierra ___ (Liberia neighbour); 47- Notes to follow las; 49- Gut-punch grunt; 50- RN's workplace; 51- Be outed?; 55- Berry farmer and amusement park founder Walter; 58- Find new tenants for; 59- "Get ready for lean times"; 63- Cinematic black hat; 64- Lang. of Israel; 65- "Wonderfilled" brand; 66- Tyrannical bosses; 67- Book ___ time (make golf plans); 68- Sibilant summons;
1- COVID-19 vaccine component; 2- Shunned one; 3- "Aw, shut up!", to the Fonz; 4- Protestant work ___; 5- Crate words after "this"; 6- ___ tunnel syndrome; 7- Co. stock launch; 8- What tube riders are warned to mind, with "the"; 9- Texter's "toodles"; 10- Mouthy?; 11- Third best-selling female singer of the century; 12- "Rainforest of the ocean" makeup; 13- East, to Ernst; 18- English cathedral town; 19- Grafton's "___ for Outlaw"; 22- ___ Schwarz (NYC toy store); 23- Performs before a fist pump, maybe; 24- Words before "avail"; 26- Ontario's cap. city region; 29- Main squeezes, in modern lingo; 30- Not ___ many words; 32- Similar (to); 33- E, at Bata; 34- Stand buy in the summer; 36- LIII doubled; 38- Flight ticket info; 39- Comic Hassan or journalist Velshi; 40- "Whoever called it ___ was a poor judge of anatomy": Groucho Marx; 41- More hirable, to some companies; 43- Midday (ahem) meetings; 44- Plays a penny whistle; 45- Frost's frequently; 48- Flash light?; 51- Onetime rival of AT&T; 52- De bonne ___ (early, in French); 53- Blow a perfect score; 54- '40s jazz genre; 56- "Dear, dear"; 57- Cousin of 9-Down; 59- Spanish name meaning "divine gift"; 60- Montreal Canadiens grp. until 1917; 61- "Still ..."; 62- Sum fig.;