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Print Puzzle - "Going Pro" by Barb Olson on 11/19/2023
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1- Three-item Subway item; 4- Arafat's grp.; 7- Opiner's opening, with "to me"; 14- A French face card; 15- Short letters?; 16- Sitcom Raymond's sports column paper; 17- With one's nose out of joint; 19- Cholesterol-reducing meds; 20- Party invitation to an amnesiac?; 22- Feather mate; 23- "You're not!" retort; 24- "Time Cycle" composer Lukas ___; 25- Declaring a kid's card game verboten?; 30- Like chive dip, flavourwise; 31- Use as a mattress; 32- House call?; 33- Fiddle-leaf houseplant; 35- Balance provider; 36- "Think" computer brand; 39- Painter Matisse; 41- Chris Hadfield's Ontario birthplace; 43- Pardon someone for poking you?; 45- Butter ___ (iconic Canadian treat); 47- Muscle car wheel; 48- Very wide shoe meas.; 49- Headlock first, strangle hold next, then half-nelson?; 55- Large gap, in typesetting; 56- Perceived by sight, smell, touch, etc.; 57- Reponds "after the beep"; 58- Non-Rx; 59- Homer's "neighborino"; 60- What "the lady doth" do too much, in "Hamlet"; 61- It's not for Robbie Burns?; 62- Mad scientist of Action Man toys;
1- ___-a-brac (trinkets); 2- Vocal quality of Ferris Bueller's teacher; 3- Alternative to Kahlua; 4- " ... ___ coladas ..." ("Escape lyric); 5- Type of pork roast; 6- One-upped; 7- Trouble achieving one's dreams?; 8- Prefix meaning "four"; 9- Prize bag stuff; 10- Gloria who led Miami Sound Machine; 11- Will Shortz, for the New York Times crossword, e.g.; 12- Fingernail treatments, for short; 13- Procedure models: Abbr.; 18- ___-Croatian (Slavic language); 21- An epic one is really bad; 25- Sainte-___ (Quebec City suburb); 26- Glean; 27- Needing a recharge, as a battery; 28- ___ kick out of (enjoys); 29- Lennon's tribute to Ono; 34- Requiring the most elbow grease; 36- Flying off the shelves, say; 37- One who can stomach a lot?; 38- West of Hollywood; 39- Happening place; 40- Terrible leader?; 42- Sorry sorts; 43- Al ___ (outdoors, as dining); 44- Taunts into action; 45- Waste-of-time type; 46- Weapons supplier; 50- Weight of freight packaging; 51- Most PC screens these days; 52- Spanakopita cheese; 53- Word of reminiscence; 54- "Ideas worth spreading" spinoff;