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Print Puzzle - "Getting the Last Word" by Barb Olson on 11/12/2023
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1- Toronto NHLers, to fans; 6- In the distance; 10- Writable storage media, briefly; 14- Submit a résumé; 15- Socially aware, in modern parlance; 16- Sign on roadside furniture, often; 17- Airline based in Neverland?; 19- "Why don't we?!"; 20- Brief meeting?; 21- Respond to a help wanted?; 22- Iraqi port in Sinbad the Sailor tales; 23- Junk tossed from a jacuzzi?; 27- End-to-end measurements: Abbr.; 29- Exit sign; 30- Summer fair in T.O.; 31- Monopoly token replaced by a cat; 32- Chess game weakling; 34- Fashion's Hugo; 35- Demographic crazy about sweet potatoes?; 38- Biblical "you"; 39- Shania Twain album "The Woman ___"; 40- Prefix with disestablishmentarianism; 41- Subway map dot: Abbr.; 42- Zorro's mark, in Canada; 43- Have ___ for life; 44- Woman in a sack race?; 48- "He's such ___ in the neck!"; 49- Opposite of "là"; 50- Fishing chum?; 54- Cop's catch, briefly; 55- Atone for one's sins .... or how to solve 17-, 23-, 35- and 44-Across?; 58- Russian-born Art Deco artist; 59- "See other side"; 60- Complete jerk; 61- Calendar squares; 62- Private dining room?; 63- ___ the custom (traditionally);
1- Places for MacBooks, maybe; 2- French word for "sword"; 3- Supt.'s concerns; 4- Skinlike hose hue; 5- Bashar al-Assad's ctry.; 6- Expect, as a late date; 7- Cheese dish with sticks; 8- Alias inits.; 9- Dream sleep stage, for short; 10- Uncommon name for B; 11- Formal winter cloaks; 12- Telex once again; 13- Seeds in halva; 18- Consoling touches; 22- Something to shake on; 24- Without: Ger.; 25- Glam rock's Ziggy Stardust; 26- Award won by Arkells and Arcade Fire; 27- Gilbert and Sullivan fare; 28- Environmentalist's ballot choice, often; 32- Ivory Soap co.; 33- Something to bank on; 34- How preschoolers might paint; 36- Diddly, in Drummondville; 37- Beyoncé's "The Lion King" role, 2019; 38- Like the letter tau; 42- Wine list red, for short; 43- 1997 McLachlan hit; 45- Singer's vocal chords, informally; 46- ___ Hard Lemonade; 47- Super servers; 51- Again; 52- Nut product?; 53- "Heaping" amts.; 55- Fan's sign addressee, maybe; 56- Hail, in a hymn; 57- Elton's old record label;