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Print Puzzle - "Front Line Workers" by Barb Olson on 11/5/2023
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1- Fights against, as crime; 8- Bic tip; 11- Dress shirt button cover; 14- Teach by repetition; 15- Letters on a Libre perfume bottle; 16- Young'___ (tots); 17- B.C. city with a signature "bar"; 18- Just the two of us; 20- Mortician for fellow mutts?; 22- It's taken by a tightrope walker; 24- Flying fish-eater; 25- "Straight ___ the rocks?"; 26- What a Wall Street trader drives?; 31- Unwanted muralist, say; 32- Actress Bo of "10"; 33- Van. summer fair; 34- Slangy yoo-hoos; 36- Take in; 37- Just out of the shower; 40- Written war enders; 42- Walk with nary a care; 44- A, B, C+ or D in Accounting?; 47- Little bit of money; 48- No newbie; 49- ___ Reader (eclectic magazine); 50- Drink order signals between martini mixers?; 55- Maker of Create & Colour; 56- Hairdresser's hangups; 59- "... ___, I smell the blood of ..."; 60- Shortened form of Edward; 61- More that just forgetfulness; 62- Ont. rep at Queen's Park; 63- Discount recipients, often: Abbr.; 64- Most slack;
1- Bearing the maple leaf, perhaps: Abbr.; 2- Sicilian's sixty minutes; 3- Just below freezing; 4- Item on which to burn music, once; 5- "Put ___ on it!" (call for quiet); 6- Late one's concern; 7- Back sleeper, perhaps; 8- The Bronx ball player, for short; 9- Wasn't injured; 10- Painter's water colour; 11- Treeless plain of the north; 12- Like many hotel pools; 13- Endorse online; 19- "Like ___" (Bob Seger song); 21- Trampled (on); 22- French abbreviation on an invitation; 23- "I'd consider ___ honour!"; 27- Boat with a double-bladed paddle; 28- Tot's construction piece; 29- Rub out; 30- Pave over; 35- Kids' new fathers; 37- "You expected something different?"; 38- Work hard for; 39- Youngster; 40- ___ mouth (dirty talker); 41- Extremely arid; 43- Lipstick slip-ups; 44- Be strong despite difficulty; 45- Highway access road; 46- Sci-fi doorway; 47- "Cross Country Checkup" radio stn.; 51- Tons of time; 52- Cub or Cardinal, briefly; 53- Hunting jacket design; 54- "Step ___ pets" (palindrome); 57- ___ for "elephant" (alphabet hint); 58- Bummed it?;