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Print Puzzle - "Deck Hands" by Barb Olson on 10/30/2023
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1- Thrifty mover's rental; 6- Things landlubbers avoid; 11- Him, in Heidelberg; 14- ___ Norman Cosmetics; 15- Cause friction, with "against"; 16- Word at a French protest rally; 17- Vancouver landmark spanning Burrard Inlet; 20- "Lago" liquid; 21- Head-butting time for bucks; 22- Not many; 23- Speech fillers; 24- Lose one's cool, at last; 28- "My old lady"; 30- "Deck the Halls" contraction; 31- Classical grp. at Roy Thomson Hall; 32- To a degree, casually; 33- Microsoft browser; 35- "Blessed ___ who comes in the name of the Lord"; 36- Top banana; 39- Den units often seen at garage sales; 42- Where soaps are seen; 43- Abominable; 47- In the manner of; 48- "Aha, just ___ thought"; 49- Forever partner; 50- Sweets with a message; 54- Where Windsor and York are: Abbr.; 55- Popular gin flavouring; 56- Brief "no doubt"; 57- Coup d'___; 58- Question asked by a project planner ... or by a solver of this puzzle, maybe; 62- In a froth, with "up"; 63- "___ the Line" (Cash hit); 64- A&W's Bacon & ___; 65- Gator tail?; 66- Druid duds; 67- Mixed gender dorms;
1- Mötley Crüe duos; 2- Dopey refrain?; 3- Waker-upper; 4- Radius counterpart; 5- ___ Paul guitar; 6- Electric shaver or blender brand; 7- "Get ___ here!" ("Seriously?"); 8- Actor Vigoda; 9- Clawfoot, e.g.; 10- Roll-on or stick alternatives; 11- Tabs over while typing; 12- Utter bunk; 13- Upright direction?: Abbr.; 18- Grey, in Grenoble; 19- Uncertainties; 24- Dr. Evil's evil woman ___ Fabissinia; 25- Prov. royal representative; 26- In ___ of flowers, ...; 27- Namesake of the Edgars; 29- Range elements?: Abbr.; 33- First of a counting quartet; 34- Role for Richard Gere as a gynecologist; 35- "How much do ___ you?"; 37- Body slamming pit; 38- Slangy turndowns; 39- Shop-___ (big sucker?); 40- Went together like plaid and polka dots; 41- Wouldn't be on time; 44- Newscast film clip; 45- Lacking a handle?; 46- Some are to the editor; 48- Assent to the admiral; 49- Texter's ta-ta; 51- Component of 1-Down; 52- She has fifteen Grammys; 53- Is really funky?; 57- Brand originally called "Froffles"; 58- Word from the rudely wakened; 59- Peace sign finger count; 60- Centre Bell player, to fans; 61- Candy cane mo.;