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Print Puzzle - "Crosswordle" by Barb Olson on 10/24/2023
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1- ___-Romeo (Italian sportscar); 5- Data-sending initials; 8- It's removed for a fill-up; 14- Openly revealed; 16- Godzilla foe with giant wings; 17- Don a corset?; 19- Emit a growled warning; 20- Mine finds; 21- Nothing-net link, in hoops lingo; 23- Witch's offering to Snow White?; 26- What a big spender is on; 28- Young-'___ (kids); 29- Don't just say; 30- "Blue Ribbon" beer brand; 33- Stretchy dental obstruction; 36- Origin of the universe, according to some jewellers?; 40- Took a fast break?; 41- Like one to be tiptoed around; 42- Brand that pops up at breakfast; 43- "Helper" vb.; 44- Delay the progression of; 46- Football sack using just one digit?; 52- Ending for enzymes; 53- Actress Skye of "Wayne's World"; 54- Seniors brand touted as a cure for "tired blood"; 56- First choice among Bick's, Vlasic and Claussen?; 61- "Beauty School Dropout" movie; 62- Burns's assistant, or a northern B.C. town; 63- Is mum about; 64- Nightfall, poetically; 65- Uneaten bits;
1- Math subj. with unknowns; 2- Vietnam War site My ___; 3- Desirable spot on Google; 4- Bldg. annex; 5- Spenser's "The ___ Queene"; 6- Twitter taunter; 7- Kind of code or colony; 8- Some hockey booth VIPs; 9- "You've Got Mail!" co.; 10- Has a hunch, perhaps?; 11- Smoke detector's low-battery sound; 12- Pineda who replaced Journey's Steve Perry; 13- So last year; 15- Actress Lively, wife of Ryan Reynolds; 18- Season for Montreal's "Juste pour rire"; 21- Ritchie Valens hit "La ___"; 22- First half of a workout mantra; 24- Scrap yard hue; 25- Bk. of collective works; 27- Bruno Mars genre, in brief; 30- Tame movie ratings; 31- Spacebar neighbour; 32- Queen ___ (pop powerhouse, to fans); 33- One doing lab legwork?; 34- Mythical 100-eyed monster; 35- Shortsighted one; 37- ".... three men in ____"; 38- At the front of the queue; 39- Fair hiring policy inits.; 43- Puny parasites; 44- Enter unobtrusively; 45- Song words before "ride" and "rain"; 46- Triangle sounds; 47- Beautiful woman of Paradise, in Islam; 48- Not realized, as a dream; 49- Make ___ of it (succeed); 50- Perfume ceremonially; 51- Krispy ___ Doughnuts; 55- ___ Rios (Jamaican resort); 57- This or that, in Spain; 58- Stimpy's toon sidekick; 59- Vancouver's SkyTrain syst., e.g.; 60- Three before vee;